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We offer a program of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity designed to help our athletes reach their maximum human potential.

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Each day we post a brand
new ``workout of the day``.
Consistency maximizes results.
Keep workouts short and intense.

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Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.


Why CrossFit Preferred?

As you can see a lot is going on in our facility.

Other Options Include:

  • Specials:

    Free one-week trial!

    Take advantage of our promotional rates!

  • Childcare:

    We understand your needs!

    That is why we offer FREE Childcare. Currently only during the 9:30 AM class (subject to change).

  • Drop in Daily:

    Don’t want a full commitment?

    We offer single sessions for a low price, or for an additional $10 you will receive a CrossFit Preferred T-shirt along with your session.
    $15 / session

  • Drop in Weekly:

    Want a little bit more than the drop in daily package?

    Our drop in weekly package offers you a little more freedom, with up to 6 visits in one calendar week.
    $30 / Week

  • Punch Card:

    Pay upfront, come when you want!

    Come in and sign up for our Punch Card package. With this you will receive 10 CrossFit Preferred classes!
    $150 / 10 Classes

  • Premium Unlimited Package:

    Need a little extra?

    Sign up for our Premium Ultimate Package. Membership includes two personal training sessions!
    $225 / Month

  • Personal One-On-One Technique Sessions:

    Want special one-on-one time?

    Do you need a little bit of help, or simply want to learn the mechanics?
    Our one-on-one sessions are great if you are just starting out, or if you just need that extra push!
    $50 / Hour

  • Nutrition Coaching by Tiersa LeSueur:

    Need help setting up a nutritional plan?

    Tiersa LeSueur is available to help you achieve your fitness goals. Monthly price includes nutritional plan and accountability.
    $30 for first consultation, and $100 / Month



The average cost of using a trainer two times a week for an entire month
plus paying for a regular gym membership.

Head Trainer, Manager


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In depth with Raymond

Did you exercise before CrossFit Preferred? 
I trained for a Ragnar race 6 years ago, but that’s the last time I did.

Why do you train at CrossFit Preferred over a regular gym?
I like working out with a group. I like the variety of the workouts. But most of all I like having a coach to instruct and to motivate me during the work out.

What is your favorite exercise?
Thrusters. No other exercise makes me want to give up more :). But I also enjoy Double Unders.

What is your least favorite exercise you are working on?
Back Squats.

What is your age?
41 years old.

Have you lost weight? How much?
I am 15 pounds lighter than I was when I started 10 months ago.

How has it helped you with everyday life?
I’ve never felt better about my physical condition. I feel healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been. I also have more energy.

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