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Will I Get Hurt In CrossFit?

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Let’s be real, you have a chance of getting hurt doing anything! Literally, anything. We understand the concern for this question though, and are fully aware of how intense of a workout CrossFit can be. However, we also know how incredibly rewarding this program is, both mentally and physically. You are not in any danger of hurting yourself for a number of reasons! Click here or continue reading to learn why you are completely safe doing CrossFit!

Keep this in mind, if you were to workout by yourself at a regular gym, you wouldn’t have the knowledge or assistance of a trained and professional coach like you would at CrossFit! This decreases the percentage of you getting hurt by a significant amount. Trained coaches can also make sure you’re not increasing your weight too drastically, something that people do all too often. Sure these coaches will push you, but not past your bodily limits. Instead, we’ll work you up to it each day at a time. So your chances of getting hurt are not as great as you think!

At CrossFit Preferred we pride ourselves in technique and form. We also watch each of our members and make sure that each of their form is correct before they attempt the move individually. When a new member comes in to the gym, we put them through our ramp program, which is a one-on-one session with a coach two times to make sure that they learn the proper moves. After that, they join the class and have a coach right next to them the whole time so that they actually feel confident and comfortable with the workout and they don’t feel like a fish out of water.

We fully acknowledge and understand that you’re putting your body under a lot of work, and if you’re not use to that, then you may feel tight muscles after a tough workout. In these instances, our coaches will introduce and enforce mobility movements into your workout routine.  These movements will gradually increase your flexibility and muscle elasticity over time.

Now you know! You are actually in less danger of hurting yourself at CrossFit Preferred than at a regular gym. We have your best intentions at heart and in mind. Let us help you reach your full potential! To learn more, click here to visit our website.