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Why We Love CrossFit

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CrossFit is a fitness world that uses high intensity workouts to reap optimum results. CrossFit methods encourage strength, body weight exercises and metabolic conditioning. Those are just the logistics of it, in all actuality, CrossFit is so much more than just a fitness program; it’s a lifestyle. It will change your life for the better, we guarantee it. Still not convinced? Click here or continue reading to learn why we love CrossFit so much!


1. The Community

At a lot of large gyms, you don’t really know what you’re going to do each day or who you’ll see. Most the time, you’re by yourself. You go in, workout and then you’re done. It’s another thing to check off the list.

Here at CrossFit Preferred, you come in and there’s a workout already planned for you. Plus, you have awesome people around you to interact with. We train and push each other, we suffer together and then bond over our stories after the workout is finished. The way a CrossFit class works is we meet together for an hour at our gym and we train as a group. We are in a close area where we can talk, and get to know each other and form great, long lasting friendships. This community will make you feel excited to workout. It will feel like a reward instead of a punishment.

2. Support System

 It’s so much harder to push yourself while working out if you’re by yourself. At CrossFit, the people around you are going to help make your workout better through positive encouragement. We will be by your side through each and every workout, cheering you on while you struggle to get that last rep of weight up. Sometimes you may start the workout and say, “Oh I don’t know if I can do that”, but then you’ll finish it and have such an awesome feeling. Although you’re working yourself out, it will feel like you’re on a team. CrossFit It will help you become a better friend and person.

3. The Results

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) yields results that differ from moderate-intensity efforts. HIIT workouts trigger the release of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and other compounds. These hormones make the body burn fat and build muscle at a quick rate. Steady jogging on a treadmill or 45 minutes of ground exercise do not release this fat burning chemical mix.

Also, it’s probably a good assumption to make that the average gym goer has a tough time cleaning heavy weight, or is intimidated by weights in general. Pretty quickly after joining a CrossFit gym, most people see their body’s true potential.

Ashley Awender has lost 75 pounds since joining CrossFit!


We want to introduce you to this life changing experience! Become a part of our encouraging community and release your full potential. To learn more about CrossFit Preferred,  check out our website.