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Workout of the Day – Friday September 13th, 2019 “Tummy Time”

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Handstand Practice (1x feet walked )

With a 10:00 Running Clock…

Practice Sets:

21 Banded Good Mornings

25-50′ Handstand Walk
Score is longest walk attained in feet


Handstand Walk

1 Minute of Practice

1 Minute of Handstand Weight Shifting: Video

1 Minute of Box Shoulder Taps: Video


Tummy Time (Time)


Toes to Bar

Deadlifts (205/145)

Barbell-Facing Burpees

Should take 12-18 minutes

Choose a toes to bar variation and deadlift weights that you could complete at least the set of 15 unbroken when fresh, within workout each round in <3 sets.