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Transformation Tuesday Athlete – Kurt Rinke

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Today for Transformation Tuesday we interviewed Kurt Rinke! He has been training with us since last June and has made huge improvements! Since starting with us he has lost 13 pounds and has gained strength/muscle and now loves working out at the gym! We are so proud of all you are accomplishing!!

Why do you train at CrossFit Preferred? 

I’ve spent the last 12+ years going to various membership gyms 4-5x a week not realizing how little of my body I was working and wasn’t seeing the results on the scale.  Joining CrossFit has been a revelation, working my entire body, and seeing positive results both on the scale and my body frame.  Further, CrossFit pushes me out of my comfort zone, that I can do that move or exercise, and brings out the competitive edge to come back and do it better next time.

What were you most afraid of when you joined our gym?

I wasn’t necessarily afraid of joining, rather my jaw dropping reaction in the immediate results I saw in my wife Jodi made me think this is the change I need.  Again I had plateaued at membership gyms and needed that additional push, Jodi really urged me to join. (Jodi was our Transformation Tuesday member last Tuesday) 😀

What were your goals when you first started?

Aside from improving my cardio (and recovery time) I wanted to see what I could and could not do with each exercise and movement. Realizing quickly I have mobility issues to work through, I continue to fight my lack of patience wanting to do more (without hurting myself).

What are your goals now?

I want to convert body fat to muscle, further improve my cardio and recovery time, and finally improve my mobility issues which will allow me to perform gymnastic moves I can’t do today.

How has the nutrition challenge helped you?

In less than a month it has been life changing, keeping a daily journal, portion control, and consistently fueling my body have been the biggest eye-openers for me.  I don’t miss most of my cravings (salty items, alcohol, sweets) as much I thought and have no desire to go back once the challenge is over.  I totally thank Tiersa and the other coaches for hosting the nutrition class it has been a game changer.👍

Has your strength improved? If so how?

In some areas yes, however the mobility issues still exist so it’s hard to gauge.  I log my workout results every time and am seeing progress in squats and cleans however I am limited in most gymnastic moves which is a goal of mine going forward. 💪

Has it helped your mindset?

Yes, I’m not afraid to try new exercises and moves (burpees are not my friend) which has led to better nutrition choices. 😀

What is your favorite part of the gym?

There are two areas: one, the coaches all are very supportive and willing to work with me offer alternative moves where applicable; and two, the CrossFit members, it’s a very diverse group with some sharing the same background as myself.  I really enjoy connecting with them before and after a workout sharing successes and frustrations, there are no diva’s. 😜

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