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Transformation Tuesday Athlete – Jodi Rinke

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Jodi has been with us at CrossFit Preferred since last March and has now lost almost 30 pounds and gone from a size 12 to a size 6! She has improved in so many ways over the last year! The transformation we have seen in the last 11 months is worth celebrating!! 🎉

She is hard working and very coachable. She is always pushing herself to try new things and the joy in her eyes when she accomplishes something she never thought she could do is indescribable. 🏋️‍♀️

She started training at CrossFit Preferred because she was peer pressured from long time Member Collette Graziani 😜. She is now staying because she has proven to herself that she can do it! She loves the rush of improving! 💪

When she first started she was worried she would not be able to keep up or perform equally. She said she is more of a “late summer chicken” than a spring chicken and I didn’t want to always be the last one. 😊

Her goal when she first started was to find something she could stick with and maybe lose a little weight. She had tried a lot of things and nothing really stuck. Now she feels like she has made a lifestyle change. 👍

She wants to keep building strength and toning. She said she wants to work more on deficiencies and work towards conquering the elusive pull up. 😬

She now trains with her husband Kurt and they were talking recently about nutrition. She said they both can’t picture themselves going back to their old habits. “Once you figure out a routine and how to manage macros, it doesn’t take long to realize some things aren’t worth it. I just feel better. I’ve had blood sugar issues for years, but not anymore”. 👏

Her favorite part of the gym is the camaraderie. “People talk to each other, cheer the successes and we encourage each other when we struggle. Knowing that I can scale to my ability if I need to and no one judges that”. 👍

We are so proud of you Jodi! You have made so many great improvements and not just physically! You are so positive and happy! We love your enthusiasm and your mindset! Keep up the great work! 🔥