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Spartan SGX Training – November 12th-18th, 2018

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For the Thursday Track Workout meet at CrossFit Preferred at 5:30am moving forward – Highland High School has no plans to reopen the track.



Coaches Choice


Veteran’s Day Hero WOD


5 Rounds for Time:

22 Kettlebell Swings (70#/53#)

22 Box Jumps (24”/20”)

400m Run

22 Burpees

22 Wall Balls (20#/14#)

Tuesday – Running Day 

Warm Up 

400 Meters easy

Stretch and Loosen Up


30 minute easy aerobic threshold run that includes 10 x 15 second fast surges and 10 x 7 second max effort sprints  (within 30 minutes).

Target an aerobic threshold pace based on your heart rate.

A good rule for your targeted heart rate is 180 minus your age.


Stretch and Foam Roll



Farmer’s Carry / Jump Rope Complex


Odd – 50m Single-Arm Farmer’s Carry

Even – :30 max High Knee Single Unders



10:00 AMRAP

15 Calorie Row

10 Dumbbell Deadlifts

5 Dumbbell Clusters

50m Dumbbell Farmer’s Carry*

Rx – 50#/35# Dumbbells

*One arm overhead


Running  Workout – Meet at CrossFit Preferred at 5:30am


Warm Up 

800 Meters Easy

Drills/Stretching during rest


Repeat 6 Times: 

50 meter max effort sprints then straight into a 350 meter run (run 2 minutes slower than 1 mile PR Pace)

3 minutes rest between sets.


400 Easy


FRIDAY – Running Day 

60 Minute Easy Run or join us at CrossFit Preferred for a CrossFit workout!

Very important to get time on your feet and build an aerobic base in your running.

Discuss the distance with Andrew or Kris to come up with a plan!

10  Minutes of Stretching and Foam Rolling


Warm Up

Coaches Choice


“Thicker Than Mud”

3 Rounds for Time:

1.5 Mile / 1 Mile / 0.5 Mile Run

10 Strict Pullups

200m Bucket Carry

30 Air Squats

50m Bear Crawl

Round 1 – 1.5 mile run

Round 2 – 1 mile run

Round 3 – 800m run


Rest Day – This is a great day to relax, stretch, foam roll, sleep extra, take a nap, read and recharge for the next week!


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You can use this code for the Spartan Super & Sprint Race in Laughlin, NV November 16th-18th, 2018


The Spartan Super & Sprint Race in Castaic, CA December 8th-9th, 2018


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