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Spartan SGX Training – July 8th-14th, 2019

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We have a Spartan Class on Monday and Wednesday at 7:00pm and Saturdays at 7:00am – Coached by Spartan SGX Coach Andrew Lucero!

Run Workout

For the Thursday Run  Workout meet at Williams Field High School at 5:30am. Please park across the street at the church and walk over.



Turkish Get Up (2-2-2-2-2)

Every 2:00 x 5 Rounds – 1 repetition per side

-1 press in every phase of the movement-

Spartan SGX WOD

Python (Time)

3 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
:30 Dead Hang*
200m Run
10 Double Kettlebell Alternating Hang Power Cleans (53#/35#)
100m Double Kettlebell Alternated Carry**

-*2 Shoulder Taps every 0:10-
-**First 50m Front Rack/Overhead, Second 50m Alternate-

Tuesday – Running Day 

Warm Up

Repeat 2 times:

100 meters at 400 meter pace, 200 meter walk

1×300 meters at 800 meter goal pace

Rest 5 minutes

1x 200 meters at 800 meter goal pace,  400 meter walk


800 Meters at Race Pace (as fast as possible!)


400 meters Easy

Stretch and Foam Roll


Spartan SGX WOD

Mercy Rule (Part 1) (Calories)

5:00 AMRAP
Max Calories on Assault Bike / Rower

-5:00 Rest Before Part 2-

Mercy Rule (Part 2) (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10:00 AMRAP
20 Double Unders
10 Hand-Release Pushups
10 Mountain Climbers
5 Atlas Stone Squats (93#/73#)
10m Atlas Stone Carry
5 Burpees
10m Atlas Stone Carry

-5:00 Rest Before Part 3-

Mercy Rule (Part 3) (Calories)

5:00 AMRAP
Max Calories on Assault Bike / Rower

-5:00 Rest Before Spartan Finisher-

Spartan Finisher

Grip – Lactate Tolerance (No Measure)

5 Rounds:
0:20 Dead Hang
0:40 Double Kettlebell Hold (53#/35#)

-No Rest Between Rounds/Reps-


Running  Workout – Meet at Williams Field High School at 5:30am


Warm Up 

800 Meters



8×200 meters (run between 10 seconds faster than 1 mile PR pace up to 25 seconds slower than 1 mile PR pace)

200 meters easy recovery run between  all reps.

No additional rest between efforts. The pace progressively gets faster but not all out.

This workout is all about being able to recover in between each faster 200 meter run.


400 Easy


FRIDAY – Running Day 

9 Mile Run at an aerobic/conversation pace.

If your goal is to improve your running/Spartan Races and run some races you need to throw in a long run each week. It is very important that you get this time on your feet no matter what your pace is. This run is something you will do in place of a CrossFit Workout.

Discuss the distance with Andrew or Kris to come up with a plan!

10  Minutes of Stretching and Foam Rolling


Spartan SGX WOD

Gritty Paradise (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Teams of 2
30:00 AMRAP:
400m Sandbag Run (75#/50#)
8 Alternating Pullups
12 Alternating Dumbbell Box Step Ups (35#/25#)
20 Lateral Burpee Partner Jump Overs (Partner in Plank)

400m Run – Partners do together, switch sandbag as needed
Pullups – Both hang from bar at same time, alternating repetitions
Box Step Ups – Both on opposite sides of box, alternating repetitions
Burpee – Partner 1 completes 10 repetitions, jumping lateral over Partner 2 (holding a plank) at top of burpee, then switch


Rest Day – This is a great day to relax, stretch, foam roll, sleep extra, take a nap, read and recharge for the next week!