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Workout of the Day – Saturday June 29th, 2019 “Shake Weight”

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Shake Weight (Time)

3 Rounds:

800m Run

21 Toes to Bar

30 Alt DB Power Snatch (50’s/35’s)

Let’s visualize our rough 5K pace. This is an appropriate pace to aim for today in our running. Aggressive, but sustainable.

TTB-With the larger picture in mind (3 rounds, along with a grip intensive dumbbell movement to follow), it may be best for us to move straight to smaller, quicker sets.

DB Snatch- Let’s push, knowing that we have a distance run to recover, we can hang on for larger sets. Stimulus wise, it is a manageable set of weights, one that we feel very confident we could complete 20+ reps unbroken, when fresh.

Body Armor (No Measure)

3 x 100m Walk, two dumbbells.

First 25m – Left DB Overhead, right DB at Hang.

Second 25m – Left DB at Hang, right DB Overhead.

Third 25m – Both DB’s at Front Rack

Fourth 25m – Both DB’s Overhead

Athlete’s choice on the dumbbell loading, with positioning being the focus. Resting as needed between, the aim here is to constantly be working towards a better position. Not for score or time, but for quality movement.