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Workout of the Day – Tuesday July 16th, 2019 “Row Benchmark”

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2K Row (Time)

Max Effort 2K Row
Sprint Start:

Our aim at the start of the 2K row is to simply get the rower fan spinning as fast as possible. We can accomplish this with a “sprint start”. In the sprint start, we modify our stroke technically for the first pulls in order to expedite the acceleration of the fan.

1st Pull – Full, powerful, stroke.

2nd Pull – Just arms

3rd Pull – Quarter slide + arms

4th Pull – Half slide + arms

5th Pull – Full stroke

Confidence in the Middle

The middle ~1K meters in the workout is the challenge. Much like many AMRAP’s, it is those who can hold the pace in the center of the workout that tend to finish with the best scores…

Sprint Finish

At the 300 meter mark, we want to start opening up our pace. We aren’t sprinting here just yet – but we are looking to lengthen out with slightly more powerful strokes. Potentially dropping 1-2 seconds off the /500m pace. At the 200 meter mark, this is it. We are about 20 strokes remaining, and we want to start our final acceleration. By the time we hit 100 meters, we want to be at full tilt. Whatever is left. It’s acceptable here to shorten the slide stroke if it allows for additional power. Whatever we need to do to come home with our strongest effort.

Metcon # 2

HSPU & Bike (Time)

For Time, with a 10:00 Time Cap:

30 Strict Handstand Pushups

30 Kipping Handstand Pushups

On the 0:00, and every 2:00 thereafter:

15/12 Calorie Assault Bike/ sub 100M run
This workout starts with a 15/12 calorie bike. In the time remaining in the first 2:00 window, we’ll accumulate handstand pushups on the wall, moving towards the 60 rep completion total.

At the 2:00, we stop where we are in our progress, and return the bike. We can’t return back to the wall for more reps until we complete another 15/12 calories on the bike.

Stimulus wise, we are looking to make the move from strict to kipping, but we are also all at different points in our HSPU development. This workout can be transitioned into an AMRAP 10 of kipping handstand pushups (with the same bike break-up to bring metabolic challenge to the effort), along with any drill we see fit, from dumbbell strict presses, to pushups to the floor, to anything in between.

Metcon (No Measure)


Workout Definition

Accumulate 1:30 of an L-Sit on Parallettes

*Every break, complete :20s in a handstand hold.