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CrossFit Preferred Healthy Habits 8 Week Challenge!

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What Does This Program Include?

This isn’t a diet and it’s not a “get skinny quick” scheme . . . it’s helping set you up for having a healthy lifestyle. We love seeing all our Athletes push themselves in the gym and we know that creating good habits outside of the gym will help everyone perform and look their best! We feel that we have included everything that you are going to need to help you be successful. Here is what the challenge includes:

  • Starts Wednesday January 2nd – Ends Wednesday February 27th
  • $99 per person
  • 2 Inbody Scans (body composition) ($78 Value!) – one at the start of the program and one at the end
  • Participants will be formed into teams of 5-7 people with a coach leading each team
  • Weekly accountability with team coach ($200 Value!) 
  • Individual prize for most points (free 1 month nutrition coaching w/ Inbody scan) ($164 Value!) 
  • Individual prize for highest body fat percentage lost (Instant Pot & Cookbook) ($200 Value!) 
  • Team prize (free apparel – Shirt and a pair of Goodr polarized sunglasses of your choice for each team member) ($60 Value!)
  • 10% off Driven product during the program for all participants
  • 1 point per pound of muscle gained will be added to your total points at the end.
  • Total Value = $278 Value + Possible Prizes + A Healthier You!

How Does It Work?

This program is broken down week by week (8 weeks total). Each week, you have a new

accountability sheet which outlines the healthy choices that are recommended for each day. For each healthy choice you make, you get a point. At the end of the week, count up the number of points you earned and you will report that number, along with your current weight, to the coach that is leading your team.

While the focus is not specifically on weight loss, you will still keep track of your weight each week. I know that no one likes this part but I promise you that if you give us all you have for these 8 weeks, you will be so proud of the number you see on the scale! But because we are focusing more on body composition each participant will receive an Inbody Scan at the beginning of the 8 week program and another one at the end of the 8 weeks. Winner of the challenge will be determined based off of most body fat percentage lost and NOT by most body weight lost.

For this challenge, your job is to send in your weekly points earned, along with a picture of your feet standing on the scale with your current weight. Why a picture of you standing on the scale? To prove that it’s your current weight – with two feet firmly planted, there really isn’t a way to manipulate that number.

The Healthy Habits We Focus On Each Day Are:

  • getting 7+ hours of sleep
  • 5 days of physical activity a week
  • drinking 64 oz of water
  • no eating past 9:00PM
  • no soda, or alcohol 6 days a week
  • no refined sugar 6 days a week
  • eating 5 fruits or vegetables a day
  • tracking what you eat (either a food journal or smartphone app or simply pen and paper)
  • communicating with other people in the program (via Facebook, email, text, phone call, etc or by participating in conversations in our members only FaceBook group).


Besides getting healthy, there will be prizes for

  • The person who loses the highest percentage of body fat
  • The person who earns the most healthy habits points
  • There will also be a team prize for the team with the most combined total points
  • You will track your points manually on a sheet that looks like this
  • At the end of each week you will add up all your points and turn in your weeks points to your coach. He/she will keep a running total of each team members points

Daily Healthy Habits








64 oz Water

Keep a food Journal

5 Fruits or veggies per day

7+ hours sleep

No eating after 9 pm

No Soda/Alcohol 6 points possible

No refined sugar

6 points possible

Exercise 5 days per week

5 points possible

Team Check in

5 points possible

Total Points

We know that if you follow the guidelines of this challenge you will be making positive changes and the results will show in your every day life as well as in the gym.

Coach Tiersa LeSueur and Tara Roberts 

Sign up now by emailing us at or sign up at the gym!