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3 Reasons Why Proper Form Is Crucial

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Technique is always a huge topic of debate amongst the fitness world, especially within the CrossFit community. Here at CrossFit Preferred, we always offer options for any and every level of athlete. We recognize and teach the power of proper form and often highlight its importance. For instance, if a person cannot execute a proper pushup, we will place them on an incline until their muscles can perform the exercise correctly. Offering these progression exercises encourages the correct form and builds a proper foundation.

But why is it so important? Check out these three reasons why!

Proper Form:

1: Prevents Injury

Injury prevention is probably the most important benefit of correct form. Because most of the movements are very dynamic, these exercises require a great balance of coordination and strength. If executed incorrectly, you could cause serious harm to your body. Learning proper form and repeating it will create a muscle memory, which decreases the chance of injury.

2: Gives You Better Results

When you execute good form during your workout, your results are maximized. CrossFit workouts are designed to target all parts of the body, and using the proper technique will help insure that you don’t work any muscles you aren’t focusing on. This specified focus on each individual muscle movement increases muscle formation, giving you better results.

3: Helps You Move Correctly  

CrossFit uses full body exercises that easily transfers over to every-day life. Lifting heavy weights can be viewed as intimidating. However, replace those weights with groceries, luggage, heavy furniture, children or other heavy objects- you can easily see how these exercises can help you in your everyday life. Learning the proper form for picking up weights will translate into good form for these every day encounters. This can decrease strain on your body and allow you to move your muscles safely and effectively in and out of the gym.


We hope we helped you understand why proper form is so crucial in achieving your fitness goals. At CrossFit Preferred, we want to help you grow and live a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind these three reasons in mind when you’re executing your next exercise!