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Featured CrossFit Preferred Athlete – Rosanna Quintero

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Meet Rosanna Quintero! She has been with us at CrossFit Preferred since July of 2012! She is one of the originals and is a friend to everyone that joins! She has the best personality and is continually working at improving!

When she first joined the gym she was nervous she would not be able to do everything. That is a very normal fear that we have found with new members. She realized her first class that very few people could do everything and that made her feel more at ease. 

She shared that she drives past about 4 CrossFit gyms on the way to Preferred and the number 1 reason she has stayed with us are the people.

She said: “no matter what time I go I always see a familiar face or make a new friend. The coaches are like my family. I see them more than any of my friends”. 

When she first started she said she wanted more weight on her bar. “When I first started I remember watching other women putting 10lbs on each side of their bar. I was only able to use an empty bar. I remember thinking to myself “one day I’m going to put 10’s on my bar”. That’s a story I tell new people when they comment about their empty bar while I am putting weight on mine. 🙂 I also wanted a exercise regimen that was fun and that I looked forward to going to. I knew if I enjoyed it I would go.” 

Rosanna’s goals now are to stay healthy. She said: “As I get older it gets harder to stay fit but I know exercise and nutrition are the keys. I still have goals physically. I would like to do like get a muscle up and lift heavier weight but my main goal is to just keep at it.” 


She has learned that you definitely cannot out train a bad diet. When she first started she was a stay at home Mom with kids in preschool and was able to train more and get away with a little more relaxed approach on nutrition. She also had different cardio based goals.

She has recognized now that with her busy schedule with work and family her daily diet and exercise were not helping her to stay as fit and healthy as she wanted. Because of this she decided to join our group of over 60 members that joined our CrossFit Preferred 8 Week Healthy Habits Nutrition Challenge.

This weeks she finished the nutrition challenge and achieved great results changing a few habits she had picked up with her busy schedule of being a Mom, a wife and working a full time career.

She said that it helped her to have some accountability. She said: “Do I really need to eat that cupcake because I know Tara is going to see it on my food log on the My Fitness Pal app.” 🙂  “It forced me to eat more fruits and veggies and stay away from refined sugar.”

Since doing the nutrition challenge her most noticeable change she has noticed in the gym are her  gymnastics.  She shared mainly because she  is lighter and it’s easier to lift her body up.

She shared that the Inbody body composition scanner that we have at the gym really helped her mindset. She was noticing on her scale at home the last 3 weeks that her weight was not changing much and that she was concerned not much was changing. After getting her scan on the Inbody she was excited about all the changes she had with body fat and muscle gain! 

She lost 5.9 pounds of body fat and gained .9 pounds of muscle!  She is down a whole size of pants which she loves and is so excited about!!

Rosanna’s favorite part of CrossFit Preferred is our community and we are so grateful and happy that she is a part of the CrossFit Preferred family.

She like everyone else adds so much to the gym and makes it what it is for each of us. Yes you can just go to the gym and get a great workout but when you get to workout with friends and like minded people it makes it fun! Workouts are not supposed to be dreadful. The more fun you have working out and training with friends that help you to improve the better results you will achieve!

Rosanna we are so proud of you! Keep up the great work!