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Featured CrossFit Preferred Athlete – Mike Rudder

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Mike Rudder has been with us at CrossFit Preferred since May of 2017! He started with us because his wife Cassandra and him were expecting their first child (Wade) and he was out of shape and decided he needed to start taking care of his body so he could keep up with him. He is 18 months now and Mike is in excellent shape!

When he first started he was afraid of not being fit enough to even start doing CrossFit. He was worried how he was going to keep up with everyone that had been doing this type of training for years.

When he started he took our CrossFit Preferred Foundations/On Ramp Classes and they made a huge difference for him! He was able to start the classes and ask questions and have the workouts scaled for him and start from where he his fitness level was at currently. He has continually improved and not just got in the type of shape to keep up with his son but has excelled and become one of the best athletes in the gym!

For 2019 he is most excited for the 8 Week Healthy Habits Nutrition Challenge and dialing in his nutrition! He is looking forward to creating some better habits and doing a challenge that is more than just a couple weeks! He is also very excited to have Cassandra do the challenge with him so they can improve together.

He is also super excited to do the CrossFit Open for the first time and push himself to another level! He recently hit a bunch of PR’s and is excelling and he is excited to keep improving and learning new things like muscle ups and improving his aerobic capacity.

Something unique that most people do not know about Mike is he took dance in high school for three years! He said that is why he points his toes:)

His favorite music channel to train to is “A Day To Remember”. It is fast and gets him amped! 

His favorite movements are Squats and Hand Stand Push Ups!

His most hated exercise is anything on the Assault Bike! 🙂

The most important thing to him right now is his family and being a great Dad and Husband!

One thing he shared that many of us have experienced is that he started with us to get in better shape but has stayed because of the friends he has mad and gets suffer through workouts with. He also wants to s look great for his wife! His fitness journey has now become more about improving and staying in great shape long term so that he can be healthy and strong for his family.

One of my favorite things he said was “If you are thinking about joining you should. If you think it is going to be to hard it will be the right amount of hard. If you are having any misperceptions come down and try out a class and see how it fits for you”.

If you do not know Mike or follow him on Instagram you are missing out. He is hilarious and will entertain you! He is such a fun person to be around and train with!