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Does weightlifting prevent injuries and disease?

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Today we will explore how weightlifting and exercise can be beneficial to your health and prevent injuries as well as disease.  Many people think of weightlifting simply as a way to “get big” or “tone up”, but the benefits extend far beyond just your physical composition.  Keep reading for a quick lesson on the many physiological benefits of weight training.

Regular exercise not only improves the way you look and feel but it can prevent heart disease, help diabetes, asthma, back pain, and even arthritis. Exercise produces endorphins which act as a natural pain killer in the brain which can reduce stress and improve sleep. Stress affects every aspect of a person’s body and when you are constantly stressed without any source of relief it can cause diseases such as; obesity, heart disease, depression, and even Alzheimer’s.  A common source of stress is how we visualize ourselves and when you do not feel good about yourself, it can affect all aspects of your health. Exercise and weightlifting can improve your muscle tone, control weight, boost energy, and improve our moods and if we look good, we will feel good!

Stronger muscles can improve posture and when your posture is good, your spine is aligned, and your body will be balanced. When muscles are healthy you can move freely and it will keep joints in good shape. As we grow older our muscles weaken, range of motion decreases, and you will begin to feel aches and pains. If skeletal muscles aren’t in good condition you are more susceptible to injuring the bones or joints where the weakened muscle is. Strengthening muscles can prevent injury because your muscle mass will be greater resulting in longevity of function and better bone density. If muscles are strong, our ability to move freely and perform day-to-day activities will be easier. Flexibility is also a benefit of exercise and weightlifting as it improves range of motion in your joints results in more stability and less chance of tears or sprains.

The spine is the most important part of our body. It gives us structure and support in every activity we perform whether it is sleeping or running. Back strengthening exercises help strengthen the muscles to prevent any strain and provide stability for the structures in our spine. Staying active is very important to keep our spine healthy and prevent neck or back pain. Improving the mobility of our back prevents muscles from being susceptible to injury. When the spine is out of alignment there can be a discrepancy in leg length which would make it difficult to perform any type of exercise without pain. If the muscles surrounding the spine are healthy and strong, the spine will move more adequately and you will be a less risk for injury and disease.

So to wrap it up, weight training should be a part of everyone’s training program for a multitude of reasons.  The benefits in quality of life, and injury prevention are vast and can directly extend life expectancy.  If you’re new to weight training, there are many resources online that can help you get up to speed, but we also recommend working with a certified personal trainer initially so that you can have qualified professional guidance to ensure the best success!