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CrossFit Terms

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CrossFitters’ reputation often proceeds them.  Yea, we like to talk about our favorite hobby!  When you’re passionate about something you want to share it with everyone.  The disconnect occurs because CrossFit has its own dialect that people who don’t WOD, don’t get.  So for our newest members, or anyone out there thinking about joining, here is some lingo broken down for you.  These are the Top 25 CrossFit Terms.

  1. AMRAP: As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible, usually within a designated timeframe.
  2. PB: Personal Best
  3. PR: Personal Record
  4. Rep: A repetition or one instance of an exercise.
  5. Set: A batch of repetitions
  6. WOD: Workout Of The Day
  7. Box: A CrossFit Gym
  8. DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. The sore feeling after a workout that is the result of muscle breakdown that is necessary for growth.
  9. Metcon: Metabolic Conditioning
  10. MobWod: Mobility and Stretching work. Absolutely a critical part of optimum health. Also plays a major role in injury prevention.
  11. ROM: Range of Motion
  12. Tabata: A protocol of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest also known as HIIT (High intensity Interval Training)
  13. BP: Bench Press!
  14. BS: Back Squat!
  15. BW: Bodyweight
  16. CFT: Combined weight of your max squat, press, and deadlift total.
  17. DL: Deadlift
  18. FS: Front Squat!
  19. KB: Kettle bell
  20. MU: Muscle Up – A chain movement beginning with a pull up and transitioning into a ring dip.
  21. OHS: Overhead Squat!
  22. Kipping: An enertia based full body movement that aids other exercises through kinetic chain linkage. Probably easier to watch a Youtube video 😉
  23. T2B: Toes to Bar!
  24. C&J: Clean and Jerk!
  25. HSPU: Hand Stand Push Ups!

We hope this gives you some helpful insight.  Be sure to stop by and check out the WOD Board, you’re sure to see something new everytime!