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CrossFit Preferred News September 4th-10th, 2016

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[vc_row delay=”0″][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_custom_heading text=”Happy Labor Day! ” font_container=”tag:h3|font_size:32px|text_align:left|line_height:1.2″ google_fonts=”font_family:Montserrat%3Aregular%2C700|font_style:700%20bold%20regular%3A700%3Anormal”][vc_empty_space height=”10px”][vc_custom_heading text=”September 4th, 2016″ font_container=”tag:h6|font_size:16px|text_align:left|line_height:1.0″ google_fonts=”font_family:Droid%20Sans%3Aregular%2C700|font_style:400%20regular%3A400%3Anormal”][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text delay=”0″]CrossFit Preferred News:

  • Labor Day Hours. We will have a limited schedule for Labor Day. We will have a class at 6:00am CrossFit Class, 7:00am (CrossFit Class), 8:00am Open gym, 9:00am CrossFit Class. Hope everybody has a great Labor Day!


  • To help each of our members improve in all areas of CrossFit we are going to focus on one SKILL a month. For the next month we will be focusing on pull-ups.  This could be strict pull-ups, kipping, butterfly or even Muscle ups.  If this is an area you are wanting to improve in we encourage you to work on this skill at least two times a week.  We will schedule optional skill work every Tuesday and Thursday. Please take advantage of this time to work on skill and ask a coach to help you.


  • The Crucible 2 is Friday September 16th. We are currently offering a $25 discount to anyone who signs up by September 4th making the price $125. We are also offering a $25 Referral for anybody that refers somebody to sign up for The Crucible. (They must pay and be signed up for the event prior to receiving the referral fee). For more information on The Crucible 2 please click here. Feel free to call or text Kris @ (480) 268-9307 with any questions.  The Crucible is a very positive event for people that want to better themselves at fitness and life! It is not a competition it is a team event. It is about pushing yourselves and your teammates. If this event scares you a little this event is for you! It is scaleable and we will make it a great workout for beginners and experienced athletes. You can do this event! 

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text delay=”0″]Here are the workouts for this week;




Running Drills+ shoulder mobility



200 m sprint, 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups

400 m sprint, 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups

800 m run, 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups

1 mile run, 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups

800 m sprint, 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups

400 m sprint, 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, , 30 sit-ups

200 m sprint, 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups

CrossFit Endurance group will be doing the class workout as the workout today. Push yourselves for this workout!




Do the following down the length of the gym.

2 Lunges + 2 Air Squats.

2 Lateral Lunges (1 each side) + 2 sumo squats.

Half Handstands

4 bird peckers with a pause each time you touch the ground + 2 Inchworms.

+2-3 min barbell prep


Part 1

Work up to a Heavy 1 Rep of the Complex:

High Hang Squat Clean

Mid thigh Squat Clean

Squat Clean



30 Pistols (Sub Bulgarian lunges) (alternating legs)

20 OH Squat (RX: 65/45lbs) (RX+: 75/55lbs)

30 Walking Lunges

20 Back Squat (65/45lbs) (RX+: 75/55lbs)


Spend 3-5min on a Rower, Assault Bike, or jog at an easy pace.

Finish by alternating between Quad Pose and Pigeon Pose.


3 sets max rep HSPU




Flag Chase 5 rounds

* Perform 5-6 Rounds

Squat Warmup

10 air squats with 5 second pause at the bottom

10 alt Pidgeon stretch with 5 second pause

10 light goblet squat with 5 second pause at the bottom ***MAINTAIN TENTION!

1 min banded hip distraction ea. Leg

10 light KB lateral lunges with 5 sec pause (straight leg on the heel)

10 full range controlled air squats


Coach Bergener’s 1 and ¼ Front Squat

*Used to help you drive out of the hole on a clean.

Build to a heavy single.



20 Double Unders (Rx+25 dubs/ 25 fast feet)

10 Prisoner Squats (air squat with hands behind head)


20 Parallete Lateral Jumps

10 Burpees


25 Double Unders

15 Air squats


For time:

75 GHD sit ups

NOTE: Goal is to finish these in under 3 minutes. Lower the reps to 50, if needed, so you can finish in under the 3 minutes.

*CrossFit Endurance* – Meet at Highland High School at 5:30am

10 Minute Warmup;

400 Meters

Active Stretching

Running Drills

Thanks to Aerobic Capacity for this workout;

4 Sets: 2×600 Meters with no rest between reps and 2 Minutes rest between sets. Total Workout 4800 Meters

Workout Details: The 600’s will be performed by running 200 Meters at a moderate pace, running 300 Meters at a fast pace and 100 Meters at an easy pace. Take 2 Minutes of rest after every 1200 Meters.

Workout Pacing: Your 300 Meter Intervals are all at a fast pace equal to your mile PR time. As example, an athlete with a mile PR of 8 Minutes will target 90 seconds or 30 seconds per 100 Meters. Your 100 meter intervals are a slow recovery jog. You pick your recovery jog pace. Your 200 Meters are at a moderate pace.

The goal of this workout is to run the 300 Meter interval at a very fast pace. You should feel like it is a hard interval and that your pace is sustainable and fast for the 300 Meters.




20 Back Leg Swings on right leg – only moving back, not forward

20 Back Leg Swings on left leg

20 Side Leg Swings on right leg – not across body, just out to the side

20 Side Leg Swings on left leg

20 Front Leg Swings on right leg

20 Front Leg Swings on left leg

10 Sit Up to Pike – feet forward together, belly to legs

10 Sit Up to Pancake – legs/feet out away from each other, belly to floor

10 Bridge Ups – use feet elevated and arms beside body rather than over the shoulders to scale movement



RX: Deadlift 5X5 building

*last 3 sets should be higher than met-con weight or roughly 80%

*3 min rest between sets.  Take that time to stretch out shoulders.

FITNESS: * Build to met-con weight and perform 15 reps with it. Make any weight adjustments after this is 15 reps is a struggle.


As many reps as possible in 5 minutes:

60 Deadlifts (40 DL) (RX: 275/185) (RX+275/195lbs)

Max reps: (10 jumping pull-ups+10dips) (RX: Strict pull-ups) (RX+ Muscle ups)

As many reps as possible in 5 minutes:

50 Hip extensions (Hold a 25/15 plate)

Max reps Muscle ups in remaining time

NOTE: Goal is to get some muscle ups each time. If you are unable to hit at least 20 reps unbroken at the prescribed weight, lower it so you can get to the rings. I wouldn’t recommend doing sets of 20, though. Small, quicker sets will be the way to go trying to get 15-20 reps done each minute. Hopefully each time you can get to the rings before the 4 minute mark, or even 3 minutes if you are hustling.


Shoulder Stabilizing-4 Rounds

Reverse Tabata Isometric Pullup Holds

10 sec with Chin over Bar

20sec Rest

10sec Hanging on Bar

20sec Rest

4 Rounds

**time permitting: 15sec each of Plank/Supine Plank/Side Planks — Rest 30sec x 4


Hamstring + Latissimus Stretch



Bike/Row about 1 min then:

1min — 45sec — 30sec — 15sec

*all-out efforts!

* Do it in partners or threes. Recovery is the waiting time.

(5min) Mobility

1min Hip Flexor/Shoulder Pole Stretch (ea side) — back against pole while arms straight overhead holding pole. Rest 15sec between.

1min Frog Stretch  

1min Wall Squat Hold – at the bottom of the Wall Squat


Athlete Choice of Back Squat or Push Press




Wall-ball (20/14)

Toes to bar

Rest until the 15 minute mark

For time:


KB swing (53/35)

Mtn Climbers


200 double unders





Carry 40lb/30lb Sandbag 400 meters

12 Push Presses (95/65lbs)

12 Box Jumps (24/20″)

12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75/55lbs)

6 Rounds[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_wtr_youtube url=”owrgiK17bso” autoplay=”0″ showinfo=”0″][vc_wtr_button url=”||target:%20_blank|” label=”Sign Up Here” align=”left” color=”c_yellow” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ delay=”0″][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]