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CrossFit Preferred News and Workouts September 18th – 24th, 2016

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Some of you may have noticed that we have a new website! We have been working on this for the last couple months. We are super excited about it and feel that it will help with your experience at CrossFit Preferred. We are still perfecting it and making it better! There is a new Refer a Friend incentive program, ebooks and articles to learn more about why we train CrossFit.

Please CLICK HERE to see our new referral program! We are so appreciative when you want to refer one of your friends or family to our CrossFit Preferred family so  we came up with a plan to reward you and your friend!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday September 27th, 2016! From 4:00pm to 7:00pm we will have the shoe and Apparel company Inov8 at the gym to demo their shoes and apparel! I have been a huge fan of their shoes for about the last 5 years! They will be offering discounts through Cadence Running Company! As a member of CrossFit Preferred you get a discount at Cadence Running Company!

Over the next 4 weeks some of our athletes will be participating in an online competition similar to the CrossFit Open that is called Wodapalooza.  Each Thursday night the workout will be announced and all athletes will have until the following Monday to complete the workout.  We will follow the same format as we did with the CrossFit Open and we will be doing the Wodapalooza WOD as the class WOD every Friday (scaling/fitness options will be available).

Workouts for this week!



(3-4 min) PT Jumps + Burpees

(5+min) With a light plate, (15/10lbs) perform 8-10 reps of each as a group:

Plate Squats — look through the hole of the plate with straight arms.

Plate Walk 100m — holding plate overhead

Plate Overhead Lunges

Plate Steering Wheel Turns — hold the plate out front and turn it right-left like a steering wheel. Plate must remain at eye level

Push Press


NOTE: Build to a heavy double across the working sets.

5 Rounds for cals

30sec Assault Bike/Row for Cals

30sec Rest

5 Rounds for reps

30sec DB Push Press (RX: 45/25lbs)

30sec Rest

5 Rounds for reps

30sec Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Lunges (1 x 45/25lbs) (1 x 55/35lbs)

30sec Rest


25 Handstand Push-up Challenge – Perform as fast as possible. 5min time cap.


Front Squat

1X3 *Aim for your goal squat clean weight

*CrossFit Endurance*

Run 1 Mile


10 Hill Sprints – Behind Walgreens


Run 1 Mile


(10min) In partners:

1. While one person performs 15 Kb Deadlifts, the other performs 10 T-Rotations (Pushup + one arm goes into air to create T with Body, repeat). Switch.

2. While one person perform 15 Russian KB Swings, the other performs 10 Scorpions (Lie face down, one leg comes off ground and aims to touch shoulder of opposite arm). Switch.

3. Everyone performs together: Alphabet (Make the letters ITYWX with shoulders/feet off ground, in a superman position)

4. Alternate 10 Glute Ham Raises  (in partners) – on the ground, use something soft under knees. (Partner holds ankle, and with a rigid body you aim to control yourself to lie flat on ground. Put hands out in front to catch your fall.) Switch.





AMRAP 6min

8 Burpee Plate Jump

8 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (KB: 53/35)(RX+ 75/53)

Rest 3min

AMRAP 6min

8 Burpee Plate Jump

8 Power Clean (Fitness: 8 KB Russian Swing) (RX: 135/95)(RX+ 155/115)

*Barbell weights should be a something you can cycle unbroken for 8 reps.


7 min ABS


For time:


Snatch (squat) (165/115) OR OHS

Bench press (205/115) OR STRICT WEIGHTED PULL-UPS

NOTE: The weight should be where you can comfortably complete triples.


Barbell Complex:

3 Front Squat + 2 Push Press + 1 Thruster

5 Sets


Bear Complex –Build to a heavy


5 Rounds

Run 200m

3 Thrusters (165/115lbs)*note: fitness does 5 lighter thrusters

Max set Muscle Ups (Max set Chest to Bar Jumping Pullups)


Sleeper Stretch

4X10 DB Rows


4 X 250  meter row

*CrossFit Endurance* – Meet at Highland High School Track at 5:30am


Run 400 Meters Easy, 10 Minutes Running Drills and Stretching


3 Sets (3 x 300 Meters) 45 Seconds Rest between Reps,

1st 300 Meters: 200 Meters Fast, 100 Meters Sprint, 100 Meters Fast

2nd 300 Meters: 100 Meters Fast, 100 Meters Sprint, 100 Meters Fast

3rd 300 Meters: 100 Meter Sprint, 200 Meters Fast

Rest for 3 Minutes in between 900 Meter Sets


2 x 400 Meters Bleachers (No Rest in between 400’s)

Run up and down all of the bleachers stairs then around the track to the other bleachers stairs.

2 Sprint Stadium Stairs
1 Stair Hops
2 Sprint Stadium Stairs
1 Stadium Side Squat Climb
2 Stadium Sprints
1 Stadium Side Squat Climb


10 Back Extensions

10 Squats

10 Push-ups

10 Jumping Air Squats

10 Situps

10 Backwards Lunges

10 Alternating supine bridge with reach

5 wall slides

1-2 Rounds — time permitting


*Athlete Choice of

A. Weighted Lunges

3X5 each leg AHAP

(3X10 each leg fitness)


B. Bench Press 4X10


10 Min AMRAP

25 Wall ball

50 Double unders


1 mile run





400 m run

1 min Sit up to pike

1 min Sit up to pancake

1 min standing hamstring stretch

1 min roll to pistol

1 min L sit or chair

1 min plank

(5min) Hamstring Mobility

Kelly Starrett’s Monkey Bars of Death

Spend 2min on each leg working around the hamstring – going down and across.


To Be Determined


3X25 GHD Sit ups

3X20 Hypers with fingers laced behind head



(10min) Gymnastics course to warm up.

Plate Walks — With your body in a Plank position and feet on two metal plates. Walk down the gym on your hands dragging/sliding the plates on your feet.

Forward Rolls — Quick Scale: Candlestick Rolls

Cartwheels — Quick Scale: Attempts

Handstand Holds — Quick Scale: Walk up wall or Pike

Monkey Bar swings — Quick Scale: If they can’t hang on a Bar and switch to bars, just Step to next Bar, Jump up, Hang for a second and repeat at the next Bar.

(10min) Prep for Deadlifts

If needed, review the Deadlift as a group, then Perform:

8 reps

6 reps

4 reps

2 x 2 reps

* Increase the load each set.

* Make the last set be on or close to their working weight.

(10min) Prep for Pullups/Handstand Pushups

5 Pullups with gymnastic Kip — Quick Scale: 5 Kipping Swings + Knees Up

5 Negative HSPU — Quick Scale: Use a couple Abmats to lower head onto

5 Pullups anyhow — Quick Scale: Ring Rows

5 Handstand Push-ups anyhow — Use workout Modification here

5 Chest to Bar Pullups or Workout Modification


AMRAP 25min


11 Pullups

2 Deadlifts (285/205lbs)

10 Handstand Push-ups

*CrossFit Endurance* – Meet at the gym at 6:00am – We are currently training for the Gilbert 10K and Half Marathon Saturday November 19th

10K Athletes – Run 4 Miles

Half Marathon Athletes Run – 5 Miles

Half Marathon Competitive Athletes- Run 7 Miles