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CrossFit Preferred Happenings – September 2019 Newsletter

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  1. Featured CrossFit Preferred Athlete – Milton Arias
  2. CrossFit Preferred Committed Club July and August Winner
  3. Mobility Clinic Recap
  4. Level Testing
  5. CrossFit Open Friday Night Lights
  6. Athlete’s Corner
  7. Welcome New Members
  8. Birthdays & Member Anniversaries

Featured CrossFit Preferred Athlete – Milton Arias

This month we are excited to spotlight Milton Arias. Milton has been a member of CrossFit Preferred since January of this year. Milton is driven by setting and crushing goals. He can consistently be seen in the 5:30 am class during the week and the Spartan class on the weekends. Watch his video below to learn more about his experience at CrossFit Preferred.

Committed Club Winners

July Committed Club winner is Julie Dahl. She has won $50 worth of product credit to use in our retail area. Congratulations!  August Committed Club winner is Kari Pendelton! We love seeing all of you work towards attending at least 15 classes in a month. The consistency is really paying off!!

What is the Committed Club?

The committed club is a year-long attendance challenge that will recognize and reward you for consistently showing up to CrossFit Preferred each month.  It will be broken up into monthly, quarterly, and yearly milestones with rewards along the way! In order to achieve committed club status, you will have to attend at least 15 classes during each calendar month.  At the end of each month, quarter, and year, we will recognize those individuals who have attended at least 15 classes during EACH of the coinciding calendar months.

Monthly – At the end of each month, we will recognize the monthly committed club.  All members of the committed club for that month will be entered into a raffle to win some sweet prizes!  Example: Everyone who attends at least 15 classes from January 1, 2019 to January 31, 2019 will be recognized as a member of the committed club for January and will be entered into the January raffle.

Quarterly – At the end of each quarter (3-month period), we will recognize the quarterly committed club.  All members of the committed club for that quarter will be entered into a raffle to win some sweet prizes.  Example:  Everyone who attends at least 15 classes EACH in January, February, and March will be recognized in the 1st quarter committed club and will be entered into the quarterly raffle.

Quarter 1 – January, February, March

Quarter 2 – April, May, June

Quarter 3 – July, August, September

Quarter 4 – October, November, December

Yearly – At the end of 2019, we will recognize and reward the individuals who have been in the committed club for all 12 months of 2019. This means you will have to get at least 15 visits in EACH of the 12 calendar months of 2019. 


Monthly – We will raffle off one, $50 CFP Gift Certificates which can be used towards CrossFit Preferred Retail Products. (Driven Nutrition, Perfect Bars, Fit Aid, Rehband, etc.) 

Quarterly – We will raffle off one, ½ month credits to be used towards your next monthly membership payment

Yearly – Everyone who achieves committed club status for the entire 2019 will earn a limited-edition, CrossFit Preferred Committed Club T-Shirt that they can proudly wear for the rest of their lives! In addition, we will raffle off 1 Free Month of Unlimited CrossFit classes to be used in 2020!

August Mobility Clinic

Saturday August 31st we had our quarterly Mobility Clinic taught by Shayne Peterson from Therazona. We all have put our bodies through so much with the “Sled Dog” cycle. It’s is so important that we take care of ourselves and spend time on mobility. Shayne really showed us how to loosen up our upper shoulders and neck and gave us a few things to work on before each workout. Thanks so much Shayne. And if you didn’t know, Shayne offers a free consultation to any CFP athlete that comes to see him.

CFP Level Testing

CrossFit Preferred Level Testing will be held on this Thursday.  The scheduled workout for that day will be Gray Level followed by White Level. If you want to test Red Level or Black Level please sign up for a time slot at the front desk so we have a coach available to judge.

Level Testing is CFP’s way of helping all our athletes work towards a fitness goal no matter what level they are at. It starts with our Baseline Test the Gray Level test followed by the White Level, then Red Level and finishing with the toughest of them all the Black Level test. All tests must be completed and passed in order before the next Level is attempted. Each level completed earns you a free shirt the color of the level you passed.  evel

Taylor and Kenzie Allen passed Gray Level a last month and we have several others earn the Gray Level Test Shirt!!

Gray Level Test

Must be under 5:15 for Men and 6:30 for Women

500 meter Row

40 Air Squats

30 Sit Ups

20 Push Ups

10 Pull ups

            We had Mike Rudder Complete White Level Test in August.

Taylor Allen also completed the White Level Test in August as well as the Red Level test which earned him two free T-Shirts.

White Level Test

Choose 10 out of 11 of these exercises. Must pass with an 80% rate. 1 minute rest between each exercise.

  1. Pushups
    40 consecutive men
    40 knee pushups consecutive women
  2. Situps – 65 in 2 minutes
  3. Squats – 80 in 2 min
  4. Burpees – 20 in 1 minute
  5. Hanstand Hold – 70 seconds
  6. Thrusters –
    15 x 75# Men
    15 x 55# Women
  7. Wallballs
    15 x 20# to 10 ft target Men
    15 x 14# to 9 ft Target Women
  8. Push Press
    15 x 75# Men
    15 x 55# Women
  9. Jump Rope – 15 Double Under Consecutive OR 500 in a row
  10. Box Jumps – 20″ x 20 consecutive
  11. 400 meter Run
    1:45 Men
    1:55 Women

Coach Amy passed Red Level in August and then went on to pass Black Level test two days later. Here is what Red Level consist of.

Red Level Test

3 Parts to the Red Level Test. You must pass each part in order to move on.

Part 1
2 Mile Run + 50 Pullups in under 20 minutes – Men
2 Mile Run + 25 Pullups in under 25 minutes – Women

Part 2 – Must complete in under 12 minutes
10 Clean & Jerks at Body Weight (Men)
10 Clean & Jerks at 3/4th Body Weight (Women)
10 Overhead Squats at 3/4th Body Weight (Men)
10 Overhead Squats at 1/2 Body Weight (Women)

Part 3
50 Burpees in under 4 minutes (Men and Women)

Black Level Test

3 Parts to the Black Level Test
You must pass each part i order to move on.
Athletes must have completed and passed the White Level, and Red Level Test to qualify for Black Level

Part 1
2000 Meter Row
Under 7:15 for Men, 8:15 for Women

Part 2
3 Minutes at each station. Must score at least 1 rep in ever section with a total of 80+ to pass

  1. Chest to Bar Pull-ups
  2. Deadlfit
    315# Men, 155# women
  3. Handstand Pushups – 1 Abmat for women
  4. Squat Clean and Jerk
    155# Men, 95# Women
  5. Muscle Ups

Part 3
3 Mile Run with 80# Sandbag in under 45 min – Men
3 Mile Run with 40# Sandbag in under 50 min – Women

CrossFit Open Friday Night Lights

The CrossFit Open is coming up on October 10th. The CrossFit Open is 5 weeks long. It is a series of workouts that runs for 5 weeks with each workout being released on Thursday night of that week. The first workout will be announced on Thursday night October 10th.  Each week we will do the CrossFit Open workout as the Workout of the Day on the Friday following the announcement.

Each year CrossFit Preferred puts on a Friday Night Lights Program during the CrossFit Open. Friday Night Lights is a fun inner gym competition between teams with in the gym. When you participate in Friday Night Lights you are put on a team with other members from the gym and by doing the CrossFit Open workouts each week you earn points for your team. Last year we had over 80 people participate in Friday Night Lights and it was a BLAST!!

Every Friday night for 5 weeks athletes can come and do the Open workouts between the hours of 4-7. You DO NOT need to do the workout on Friday nights in order to be on a team and participate in Friday Night Lights. Many of our members come and cheer on other teammates and show their support but do the workout during their normal class time.

To participate in Friday Night Lights you can sign up at the front desk. The cost is $30 which includes a CrossFit Open T-shirt or Tank that matches your team color. Sign ups for Friday Night Lights will start NEXT WEEK and will end on September 30th.

Athletes Corner

We want to create a section where we can celebrate the exciting things that happen in your lives! Whether that be a new baby, a new puppy, an engagement, or a graduation. We want to hear about it and celebrate with you, come talk to us at the front desk!!

Welcome New Members for July and August

Clay and Jaclyn Oliver

Darla McMillon

Craig Bottolfson

Daniel Symcox

Lauren Malm

Michelle Everingham

Courtney Brown
Emily Nicholas

Malika Hobeheidar

Kim Buckley

Ryan Buckley

Stephanie Sanchez

KJ Russell

Meghan Gallagher

Fernanda McCammon

Liz Gurrieri

Jill Nicholson

Annaliese Pickett

Erika Buendia

Lincoln Conway

Kimberly Clark

Juan Ramos

Joseph Arreola

Al Katawazi

Chris Mullenaux

Chris & Chloe DeGeer

Heather Nelson

Ryan Hutzbach

Cassie Hippensteel

Andrea Owen

Birthdays & Member’s Anniversaries


Ashley Awendar                          September 5th

BJ Castro                                         September 9th

Jessica Dixon                                September 10th

Nicolas Markovich                    September 17th

Thalia Reid                                     September 17th

Steve Richins                                September 17th

Tarmy Lunt                                    September 19th

Jessalin Machado                      September 20th

Shanna Duvall                             September 20th

Jaclyn Oliver                                September 23rd

Sue French                                   September 25th



4 Years

Bizz Watts

3 Years

Jason Hunsaker

Amy Hunsaker

2 Years

Bryant Johnson

1 Year 

Matt DiDonato