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CrossFit Preferred Happenings – July 2019 Newsletter

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  1. Featured CrossFit Preferred Athlete – Jacqui Jazwinski
  2. CrossFit Preferred Committed Club May & June Winner
  3. New Cycle “Sled Dog”
  4. Athlete’s Corner
  5. Independence Day Pool Party
  6. Welcome New Members!
  7. Birthdays & Member Anniversaries!

Featured CrossFit Preferred Athlete – Jacqui Jazwinki

This month we are excited to spotlight Jacqui Jazwinki. Jacqui has been a member of CFP since March. She has made some good friends and has learned how to have fun while working hard in the gym.  Watch her video below to learn more about her experience at CrossFit Preferred.

Committed Club Winners

Michael Johnson was our May Committed Club winner giving him $50 credit towards our retail area.  And Amy Hunsaker was our June Committed Club winner. Congratulations to both of them!

Our Second Quarter Winner for the Committed Club is Kris Stapp! Kris has a great routine and rarely misses a workout each week! Kris won half off her next months membership! We are so proud of you! Congratulations!

What is the Committed Club?

The committed club is a year-long attendance challenge that will recognize and reward you for consistently showing up to CrossFit Preferred each month.  It will be broken up into monthly, quarterly, and yearly milestones with rewards along the way! In order to achieve committed club status, you will have to attend at least 15 classes during each calendar month.  At the end of each month, quarter, and year, we will recognize those individuals who have attended at least 15 classes during EACH of the coinciding calendar months.

Monthly – At the end of each month, we will recognize the monthly committed club.  All members of the committed club for that month will be entered into a raffle to win some sweet prizes!  Example: Everyone who attends at least 15 classes from January 1, 2019 to January 31, 2019 will be recognized as a member of the committed club for January and will be entered into the January raffle.

Quarterly – At the end of each quarter (3-month period), we will recognize the quarterly committed club.  All members of the committed club for that quarter will be entered into a raffle to win some sweet prizes.  Example:  Everyone who attends at least 15 classes EACH in January, February, and March will be recognized in the 1st quarter committed club and will be entered into the quarterly raffle.

Quarter 1 – January, February, March

Quarter 2 – April, May, June

Quarter 3 – July, August, September

Quarter 4 – October, November, December

Yearly – At the end of 2019, we will recognize and reward the individuals who have been in the committed club for all 12 months of 2019. This means you will have to get at least 15 visits in EACH of the 12 calendar months of 2019. 


Monthly – We will raffle off one, $50 CFP Gift Certificates which can be used towards CrossFit Preferred Retail Products. (Driven Nutrition, Perfect Bars, Fit Aid, Rehband, etc.) 

Quarterly – We will raffle off one, ½ month credits to be used towards your next monthly membership payment

Yearly – Everyone who achieves committed club status for the entire 2019 will earn a limited-edition, CrossFit Preferred Committed Club T-Shirt that they can proudly wear for the rest of their lives! In addition, we will raffle off 1 Free Month of Unlimited CrossFit classes to be used in 2020!

New Cycle “Sled Dog”

Image result for comptrain masters

Last week we started a new cycle with Comptrain Masters called “Sled Dog”.  It is a 10 week cycle that focuses on barbell cycling. Many of you have experienced the pain that has come from this cycle already. But what is exciting to me is knowing that even as fit as a lot of us are, there is always room to improve. I love that CrossFit is always changing so our bodies never adapt and always grow. Here is a break down from CompTrain of what this cycle will look like.

“Sled Dog”
July 1st – September 7
10 Weeks

A Sled Dog is depressed when it’s not working. Yelping and howling outside, it lives for the grind. It can’t wait to run. The harder the job, the more they thrive. Welcoming adverse conditions, they expect the snowstorms, and they expect to overcome them. The Sled Dog knows no other way. The Sled Dog will outwork everyone.
In our previous training cycle, “Grunt Work,” we built a foundational base of strength for the coming CrossFit Games season. Now, we’ll bridge the gap between a higher percentage squat with the stamina of a Sled Dog. Barbell cycling, stamina squats, and higher volume capacity work will be our focus over the next 10 weeks.
Let’s squat heavy, but also be able to race through 10 rounds of “Macho Man.” Let’s snatch heavy, but be able to attack 50 Power Snatches with confidence. Let’s look at Open 19.5, and look forward to the thrusters. The Sled Dog knows no other way.
Training starts Monday, July 1st. Suit up.

Stamina Squatting
Body Armor

Gymnastic Focus Work

Barbell Cycling – Squat Variation
Deadlift Stamina
Body Armor

Active Recovery/Rest

Stamina Squatting
Body Armor

Barbell Cycling – Power Variation
Conditioning (Long Effort)


July 1st – July 28 – Block #1
July 29 – August 4 – De-load Week
August 5 – September 7 – Block #2

Athletes Corner

We want to create a section where we can celebrate the exciting things that happen in your lives! Whether that be a new baby, a new puppy, an engagement, or a graduation. We want to hear about it and celebrate with you!!

Congratulations to member JT LeSueur and his wife Ariel for welcoming their daughter Linden into their family. Linden was born Thursday June 27th and weighed 6 lbs 13 oz. She is healthy and happy and everyone is doing well. This is the JT and Ariels first girl and second child.

Congratulations to member Krysta Smith on her engagement to Cameron Call. Krysta was among her closest CFP friends in Tahoe last weekend where Cameron popped the question. We are so excited for them!

Congratulations to our Spartan coach Andrew Lucero and member Rusty Cooper for completing the Spartan Super last weekend in Colorado. Coach Andrew competed in this event wearing a 20# weight vest which earned him a special “Honor Series” Medal. Rusty set a goal 3 years ago to achieve his Trifecta by doing a Spartan Sprint, Super and Beast in one year. He accomplished this goal last weekend with this race. You both are amazing! Nice work!!

Congratulations to our Spartan Race Team for completing the Spartan Stadion Race in June! It was a 3 mile race with lots of CrossFit Style obstacles including Assault Bikes and many other surprises! It was inside the Cardinals Stadium and air conditioned! Plan on this race next year! It was so much fun!

Independence Day Pool Party

Thank you to everyone that came out to our First Annual Independence Day Pool Party on June 28th. It was so good to see everyone and get to know you better outside the gym. We all had a blast and the food was AMAZING thanks to Coach Tara’s husband Ryan  who smoked the pulled pork for us. For those that weren’t able to come we really missed you and we hope you can come to our event next quarter. 

Welcome New Members!

Stephen Johnson

Jaron Perkins & Abby Perkins

Joe Hajda

Allison & Nick Carmichael

Porter Rawlinson

Sean Toolson

Casey Ross

David Almaraz

Will Allen

Cody Kiraly

Stockton Ferguson

Autumn Sutherland

Jill Nicholson

Jimbo Young

Josh Sternberg

Madison Campbell

Taylor McArthur

Ramone & Thalia Reid

Matt Magana

Hazel Sayco

Members Birthdays!

Allison Carmichael                    7/13

Michael Johnson                         7/16

David Pleasance                          7/20

Mindy Schooley                             7/20

Members Anniversaries!

4 Year Club

Justin Dahl-James

Tyler Jones

3 Year Club

Mindy Schooley

1 Year Club

Dani Cooper

Rusty Cooper