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CrossFit Preferred Happenings – December 2018 Newsletter

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In This Issue…..

  1. Featured CrossFit Preferred Athlete – Kristi Preston
  2. November Fundraiser was a Huge Success!
  3. Rocky Point Toy Drive – New One for December!!
  4. Thanksgiving Day WOD Was a Huge Success!
  5. Christmas Workout – December 22nd 8:00am to 10:00am
  6. Level Testing – 1st Saturday of Every Month 
  7. Spartan Race – CrossFit Preferred Team
  8. CFP Hoodie PreOrder!
  9. 8 Week Nutrition Challenge Starts January 2nd!
  10. Welcome New Members and Grads!
  11. Birthdays & Member Anniversaries!

Featured CrossFit Preferred Athlete

Kristi Preston

Kristi Preston started training at CrossFit Preferred back in 2012 because she wanted to get in better shape, lose a little weight that had accumulated and improve her fitness.

She has trained with us now for almost 7 years! She actually met her husband Dustin Preston in class back in 2012. She was actually engaged when she started out but this Red headed guy named Dustin kept talking to her and she fell in love. If you have not met Kristi and Dustin you are missing out! Their family has now grown to a family of 4 with 2 boys Dax and Ollie.

She has continued to train at CrossFit Preferred specifically because all of her favorite people train at CrossFit Preferred. When she started she lived super close to the gym but now lives in North Mesa and still drives to our gym daily to train with her friends.

When she started she was super intimidated and afraid. She said there were all of these girls doing cleans with a good amount of weight on the bar and when she did her cleans she felt like she looked funny doing them.

Before she started at CrossFit Preferred she had been attending a bootcamp. She said that when she did a workout at our gym she loved that there was camaraderie and competitiveness with the workouts. She loved the intensity and the fun atmosphere and that kept her coming back for more!

Over time she met some of her best friends and that paired with the fun workouts has kept her coming back and continually improving in her fitness journey.

Over the last few years she has had two babies and now has a goal to get her body back and feel better. She said that working out daily helps her keep her sanity and make her a better Mom and person for her family.

Since starting back after the babies she set out with 2 weight loss goals and after having her last baby (she said: “yes we are officially finished”), She wanted to first get to 155 pounds and then after she finished breastfeeding she wanted to focus and get to 145 pounds which is her weight before the babies.

She also thought that getting to 145 pounds wouldn’t be possible while breastfeeding because she thought she would have to restrict calories and that wasn’t worth affecting her milk supply.

Her baby is now only 6 months old and she is back to 145 pounds eating 2200 calories a day!!

She just did a Inbody Scan at CrossFit Preferred and she is now down to 14.7% body fat! So awesome! We are so proud of you Kristi for all of your hard work!

She said that she didn’t think she could track her macros. It sounded so difficult and she thought her friends were crazy for weighing all their food.

The 1st month was slow going but once she got into the swing of counting her macro’s she found it great!

She said she still drinks wine, has peanut butter cups every night to hit her fat numbers and kettle corn Popcorners Chips because she likes snacking and they are delicious!

She said she can eat out now and not freak out about it. It’s oddly freeing knowing that I now have the tools to get wherever I want to be weight wise  even if I do gain some weight over the holidays or in general.

She is so grateful for her best friend and Coach Tara Roberts for giving her the macro tools and coaching to get her nutrition in check and “CrossFit Preferred where I’ve been a member for 6+ years! She said if you want nutrition advice, definitely hit Tara up and try out the Inbody Scan!”

The two biggest things that have helped her recently are focusing on her nutrition/macro nutrients and consistency!

She said her next goals are not weight focused! She is ready to get her first muscle-up and getting new lifting PR’s! Since dialing in her nutrition she has already PR’d each of her lifts!

Kristi we are so glad you train with us at CrossFit Preferred and for all of your hard work! You are inspiring to others for all that you have done! We are all so grateful for your friendship!   

November Fundraiser Report – H.E.M.P Legacy Foundation – Cindy Phillips

Thanks to long time CrossFit Preferred member Cindy Phillips for volunteering with the H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation. It was a huge success! She asked us CrossFit Preferred members to donate toys and so many people helped for this great cause!

This last Christmas their event was able to serve 3400 men, women and families, as well as referrals from churches, rehabilitation centers, sober houses and the homeless. They served just over 700 children from foster care facilities as well as the children from all the men and women who attended. 

Learn more @

Rocky Point Christmas Toy Drive

Long time member Becky Buendia and her family have a family tradition that started 5 years ago and they have kept it going!

CrossFit Preferred helped last year and we are going to help again!

Please donate toys between $7 to $10 in the box under the whiteboard, buy on Amazon @ or Venmo to @RockyPoint-ToyDrive.

This is a great cause that will help at least 4,000 children in the Rocky Point, Mexico area!

Thanksgiving Day WOD was a Huge Success!


Thanks to everyone that came out to the Thanksgiving Day Workout with your family and friends! It was a huge success and so much fun!!

CrossFit Preferred Christmas Workout!

We will be having another partner WOD Saturday December 22nd from 8:00am to 10:00am. Breakfast will be served after the workout! It is going to be so much fun and we hope you can join us!

CrossFit Preferred Level Testing – First Saturday of Every Month!

Did you know that CrossFit Preferred has level testing? We have 4 level tests! We have the Level 1 Gray Test, Level 2 White Test, Level 3 Red Test and the Level 4 Black Level Test that only 17 have ever completed!

We now test the first Saturday of each month! For each level that you pass you get a shirt the color of the test! Come earn your shirt and LEVEL UP at CrossFit Preferred!

Spartan Race – CrossFit Preferred Team

Join the CrossFit Preferred Team for the Spartan Sprint Race February 9th at 10:30am! We have a great team forming and it is going to be such a fun time!

This will push you in your training the next couple months!

It is a 3-4 mile race with obstacles and we can prepare you for this race no matter what shape you are in right now!

We have a Spartan Class on Monday and Wednesday at 7:00pm and Saturdays at 7:00am – Coached by Spartan SGX Coach Andrew Lucero!

CFP Hoodie PreOrder!

We will be having a preorder for CrossFit Preferred Hoodies this month. We will have samples for you to try on at the gym Tuesday!

Do not miss out on this limited addition Hoodie! We will not be ordering any extras and they are going to be so comfortable and look great!!

Last day to order is Wednesday December 12th!

CrossFit Preferred 8 Week Nutrition Challenge Starts January 2nd!

Stay tuned for details! Tiersa and Tara have a fun challenge they will be rolling out soon!

Welcome New CrossFit Preferred Grads & Members!

Welcome to CrossFit Preferred! We are so happy to get to know and workout with each of you!

New CrossFit Preferred Fundamentals Grads!

Jazmin Zertuche

Lisa Nobles – Graduates December 3rd!

New Members With Previous CrossFit Experience

Damon Drayfahl

Corwin Smith

Heidi Oliver

Jazmin Zertuche

Please join and introduce yourselves in the CrossFit Preferred Members Group on Facebook!

We look forward to getting to know each of you even better and help each of you accomplish your goals!

Please know that the CrossFit Preferred Coaches and members of the gym will help you accomplish your goals and help you succeed! We all help each other to do our best! 

Birthdays & Member Anniversaries!

Happy Birthday to each of you celebrating your birthday in December!

December 1st – Chris Dugan, Lauren Mendoza

December 4th – Joel Stepanek

December 16th – Maria Spitzer

December 27th – Tony Quintero

December 28th – Corwin Smith

December 30th – Biz Watts 

Upcoming CrossFit Preferred Membership Anniversaries

December 2nd – Anthony Estrada – 1 Year!

December 6th – Uzair Adil – 1 Year!

December 20th – Kayla Peralta-Markovich, Nicholas Markovich – 1 Year!

We are so proud of each of you! Keep up the great work! Your consistency combined with nutrition and commitment will get you great results!