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CrossFit Preferred Announcements

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This week at CrossFit Preferred

  • Olympic Weightlifting Class – We are extremely excited for our first olympic weightlifting class that will be on Wednesday night from 6-8 and will continue every Wednesday night. This class will replace the regular 6 and 7 pm CrossFit classes. We hope you can all come out and learn some great things from Mike Parra that will help you with your lifts.
  • Nutrition Class and Recipe Exchange – We will be having another Nutrition Class this Thursday May 5th at 7 pm. We will be talking about supplements, what to take and what not to take for recovery, muscle building etc. We will also go over pre workout and post workout meals, carbohydrate timing throughout the day and carb loading. We will also be doing a recipe exchange this night as well so if you have a favorite healthy recipe please make and bring it along with copies of the recipe to share with others. You DO NOT have to bring a recipe to participate in the nutrition class.  But it’s always more fun when events have food!!
  • Gym Wide Coed Competition and BBQ – Saturday May 14th @ 9 am.  We are so excited about this event! Start looking for your partner. If you need help finding a partner let one of our coaches know and we can help. The competition will kick off at 9 am, then stick around after throwing down with friends and family for the CFP BBQ!! Their is a sign up sheet for the competition posted at the gym this week. We have details for the first part of the competition.  The rest will come shortly.  Here is what we have so far.

Event 1 (chipper) split between athletes

20 Box jumps (20”)

40 Kettle bell swings (53/35)

20 Box jumps

40 Plate ground to overhead (45/35)

20 Box Jumps

40 Wall Balls

  • T-shirt Order – For those that pre-ordered your t-shirts they will be in by Tuesday and your account will be charged that day.  We will be placing another order of shirts soon from the SWAG competition.
  • The Crucible at CrossFit Preferred – This is an 8 + hour event designed to push you beyond what you think you can do. Be prepared for anything including CrossFit, swimming, rucking and anything else. It is for anybody that has passed our CrossFit Preferred White Level Test or can pass the White Level Test. It is not just for members of CrossFit Preferred. We have limited it to 20 participants and spots are filling fast! Contact Kris at (480) 268-9307 or Please invite your friends and family to join us for this event!



Strict Press

  1. 5, 5,6,6,6,10

B. (Optional: 3 position Snatch every 3 min for 15 min) The complex is one snatch starting from each of the following positions: high hang, mid. thigh, and below the knee


3 Rounds of

400 meter run

20 C2B Pullups

30 Wall balls

40 KB Swings

Rest 3 Min



A.  2 EMOM for16 min. (8 sets)

2 Front squats + 1 split jerk

B.  (Optional 1000 m row for time or black level pace)


C. EMOM 12 Min

Min 1: 5 Power Cleans (185/125)

Min 2: 45 sec handstand hold

Min 3: 40-50 double unders

D.  (Optional 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 Deficit HSUP/ L-sit or chair sit x10 sec)



A. Deadlift 


B. Optional (pick one thing you struggle with and spend -15 minutes working on it)


30 T2B

400 m run

21 thrusters (115/75)

800 m run

21 Thursters

400 m run

30 T2B


Active Recovery


A. Athletes choice

B.(Optional weighed lunges)


“Muscle Beach”

4 rounds of:

10 DB bicep curls

10 Tricep Ext.

10 V ups


3 Rounds of

10 rear delt flys

10 DB Rows

10 (4 count bicycles)


2 Rounds of

10 Floor Press

10 Barbell Rows

10 (4 Ct Russian Twists)



A. Back Squat 5,3,1, 5,3,1,5,3,1

B. 50 Toes to bar (Break as need: work on kipping and technique)


3 Rounds For time of:

200 m sand bag carry

15 burpees

10 Box jumps

5 muscle ups (Sub Dips X3)


Deck of Cards