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CFP September/October Happenings 2022

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  1. October 2022 CFP Nutrition Talk – Hormones with special guest Dr. Mary Reker
  2. Athlete of the Month –¬† Coach Andrew Lucero
  3. Committed Club Winner for August, September & Quarter!
  4. Athlete’s Corner
  5. CrossFit Preferred Calendar of Events!
  6. The Preferred Experience Podcast
  7. Welcome New Members
  8. Birthdays & Member Anniversaries

Nutrition Talk With Tiersa & Meghan

This last month’s talk was a Q&A!

We dove into some of the frequently asked questions about nutrition, and hormones!

Don’t miss out on this informative talk!
Join CFP Nutrition coaches Tiersa, Meghan and Jaclyn on the last Monday of each month for our nutrition talks! We have a special guest Dr. Mary Reker discussing Hormones!

Member Spotlight 

We’ve had some new members join our gym within the past couple of months. We wanted to reintroduce our coaches again.
Our coaches spotlight for today is our Spartan and CrossFit Coach Andrew Lucero.
Andrew is one of our main coaches at CrossFit Preferred. Whether you come in the morning or the evening, you’ve probably taken one of Coach Andrew’s CrossFit classes. Coach Andrew is also our Spartan and endurance coach.
He coaches Spartan classes Monday and Wednesday night at 7:00pm and Saturday morning at 7:00am. He also coaches an endurance class 7:00pm on Tuesday night and Track Thursday morning at Williams Field High School.
Andrew started CrossFit back in 2015. He wanted to try it out to improve his fitness and performance as a competitive Spartan Racer.
Andrew has been coaching for CFP since May of 2018.

We asked Andrew what he liked best about coaching, this is what he said. ‚Äú I enjoy the people. Making connections, building relationships, and helping my athletes reach their goals. It‚Äôs so rewarding helping others overcome their obstacles and make the progress they are striving for in their own journey.‚ÄĚ

Outside the gym you can find Andrew spending his time with his wife and 3 kids. He also loves to trail runūüŹÉūüŹĽ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ and you can still find him doing Spartan Races.

Outside of the gym CrossFit and Spartan keep him in the best shape of his life.

It gives him the energy and strength to keep up with his kids and to always bring the groceries in one trip.

To get to know Andrew a little better we asked him to share a unique fact. Andrew writes with his right hand but with everything else he is left handed.
Andrew, we are so happy to have you as a part of our amazing coaching staff!

Committed Club Winner For August, September & Quarter! 

The August Committed Club winner is Dan Lamborn! CONGRATULATIONS Dan!

Picture coming soon!

September 2022 Monthly Raffle Winner is Michael Young!!

Dan and Michael have won $50 worth of product credit to use in our retail area.

Your $50 retail credit will be applied in Wodify!

Our Third  Quarter Raffle Winner is Celeste De La Cruz!

Picture Coming Soon!

We love seeing all of you work towards attending at least 15 classes  or doing at home workouts in a month!

Congratulations to the 42 hard working members who are ON TRACK for 2022! These are the members who made it in or did at home workouts over 15 times per month the last 9 months and are on track for the yearly Committed Club!

Learn more about the Committed Club

Athletes Corner

Thank you to everyone who came out for our Double Under Clinic! Everyone did such a great job! We had some members walk away being able to string some dubs together!

We have a huge Spartan Weekend coming up in Arizona in November. See the details below and join our Spartan SGX Team at CrossFit Preferred!

CrossFit Preferred Calendar of Events

Nutrition Talks are the last Monday¬† of each month (except this month it is October 24th because of Halloween ūüéɬ† – Join Tiersa, Meghan and Jaclyn Monday October 24th at 6:00pm –


-Monday 10/31 – Wear your Halloween costume to the gym. Best costume of each class gets a FREE FitAid!

We are so excited for our CrossFit Preferred Fall Festival at Mike and Cass Rudder’s house again! We had such a great time last year we are doing it again!!

Families are invited! Bring your kids! We are going to have so much fun!
When: Saturday 11/19 – Fall Festival 3pm, dinner at 5:30pm

Spartan Trifecta Event Weekend! November 19th-20th, 2022
We will have a big group for this Spartan Weekend! They will have the Sprint, Super and Beast distance available this weekend! Learn more @

The Preferred Experience Podcast

Did you know that CrossFit Preferred has a podcast! It is available on any of your favorite podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and many more!

Listen to our latest episode:

Listen on your favorite podcast platform!

Welcome New Members for August and September!

Brandon Greenwood
Abrahm Aragon
MacKenzie Breihan
Mike Young
Brooke Coble
Christine Miller
Mariel Young
Dylan Zucco
Jessica Jones
Stefan Brule
Dragan Bogoevski and Bre Scott

Birthdays & Member’s Anniversaries


Dan Ruden    September 1st

Mandy Case    September 2nd

Shelley Freeman   September 3rd

Brooke Coble    September 7th

Ashley Bruno   September 7th

BJ Castro    September 9th

Cass Thornock    September 12th

Alexa Stuart    September 17th

Stephanie Gilbert    September 19th

Maya Rorke     September 20

Matt Olson      September 22

Sonja Dodge       September 22

Jaclyn Oliver     September 23

Shannon Simmons     September 27

Scott Watkins   September 28th

Danielle Cotie   September 30th

Stefan Brule   October 7th

Pat Harris   October 9th

Josh Cole   October 9th

Dan Lamborn  October 11th

Cindy Kuna  October 11th

Chris Dawson  October 12th

Vanessa Plumley  October 12th

Seth Troutt  October 17th

Chance Cauthen  October 19th

Celeste De la Cruz  October 20th

Taylor Troutt  October 22nd

Rhea Blasko  October 22nd

Autumn Sutherland  October 23rd

Anna James  October 24th

Elizabeth Johnson  October 24th

Greg Cauthen  October 25th

Jason Plummer  October 25th

Gunner James  October 28th

Kaitie Baker  October 30th

Anna Wisniewski  October 30th

3 Year!
Ryan Smart

2 Year!
Andrew MacDonald
Spencer Hasting
Tyrel Brunson 

1 Year!
Scott Watkins
JP Motley
Melanie Minich