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CFP Happenings December 2022

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  1. Join us December 19th-24th for CFP Spirit Week!
  2. November 2022 CFP Nutrition Talk – Mens Hormone Health with special guest Dr. Mary Reker
  3. Athletes of the Month – Bre & Dragan!
  4. Committed Club Winner for November!
  5. Athlete’s Corner
  6. CrossFit Preferred Calendar of Events!
  7. The Preferred Experience Podcast
  8. Welcome New Members
  9. Birthdays & Member Anniversaries

CFP Spirit Week 

Nutrition Talk With Tiersa & Meghan

This last month’s talk was all about Men’s hormone health with special guest Dr. Mary Reker!

This talk was so awesome! We had  hormone health expert Dr. Mary Reker on to answer all of our men’s hormones questions!

Don’t miss out on this informative talk!
Join CFP Nutrition coaches Tiersa, Meghan and Jaclyn on the last Monday of each month for our nutrition talks! This month we will be doing a Q&A for our Nutrition Special!

Member Spotlight

This months spotlight goes out to one of our evening couples Dragan and Bre! Bre and Dragan have been with CFP for about 3 months. Dragan has been doing CrossFit on and off since 2015. He was looking for something dynamic, efficient, that also fit his lifestyle, and CrossFit was the perfect fit! Bre came to us new to CrossFit, inspired by Dragan and she was hooked on day one!

Since joining CrossFit the biggest change Dragan says, “Apart from the obvious physical health and appearance, my mindset changed a lot to get more comfortable with the uncomfortable and keep pushing.” Dragan says CrossFit complements his life in so many ways. CrossFit’s helped him run his first 21k, and it helps him push his limits when it comes to mountain biking or snowboarding. He also says,”It’s my No. 1 personal therapist since 2015!”
Bre says, “The biggest change is my endurance in the activities we do! Hiking, surfing, snowboarding, you name it!” CrossFit has helped Bre be able to do things that she enjoys without feeling like she’s dying. 😁

We asked Bre and Dragan to share a unique fact about themselves so we can get to know them better:

Dragan played Baseball ⚾️for 3 years when he grew up back in Macedonia.

Bre can play 8 instruments! 🎷🎸

We asked Dragan and Bre what advice they would give someone who’s looking to start their fitness journey, this is what they said. Dragon: “Just do it! There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” and the best way to see what works best for you is to get out there and try things out.

Bre: “Give it a solid shot. You’ll never know what you’ll enjoy or what you are good at until you try new things and give yourself a fighting chance.”

Bre and Dragan, we love having you in our evening classes, you both are killing the workouts, keep up the great work!

Committed Club Winner For November

The October Committed Club winner is Michael Young! CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL!

Michael has  won $50 worth of  credit to use in our retail area.

Your $50 retail credit will be applied in Wodify!

We love seeing all of you work towards attending at least 15 classes  or doing at home workouts in a month!

Congratulations to the 37 hard working members who are ON TRACK for 2022! These are the members who made it in or did at home workouts over 15 times per month the last 11 months and are on track for the yearly Committed Club!

Learn more about the Committed Club…who-made-the-cut/

Athletes Corner

Congratulations to all of our Spartan racers who participated in the Spartan Beast race on November 19th! We has so many PR’s! Great job everyone!

Kris earned his Trifecta for the year! A Trifecta is earned by doing a Sprint 5K, Super 10K and Beast Half Marathon in a calendar year!

Seth Bleakley and Andrew Lucero road tripped to Los Angeles to do the Castaic Lake Spartan Sprint and did excellent! They also earned their Trifecta for the year!

We had so much fun at our annual CrossFit Preferred Fall Festival at Mike and Cass Rudder’s house! Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. Congratulations to Melanie and JP who won the Corn Hole tournament!

Seth ran a competitive race and was able to get in 6th out of 33 in his age group and 17th out of 197! Both Seth and Andrew keep getting faster and faster!

CrossFit Preferred Calendar of Events

This year we are EXCITED to offer a SPECIAL NUTRITION SALE instead of our yearly nutrition challenge. This is going to give you more of a ONE on ONE experience with our Nutrition Coaches.

Lose 20 POUNDS in 90 days!
$99/month – SAVE $120

Monthly Nutrition Talk 

Nutrition Talks are the last Monday  of each month – Join Tiersa, Meghan and Jaclyn Monday December 19th at 6:00pm – This Months talk will be a Q&A for our Nutrition Special

CFP Spirit Week!! 

CrossFit Open 

The CrossFit Open is coming up February 16th – March 6th! You may have noticed we are doing some Open workout to prepare for the CrossFit Open!

You can register now and stay tuned for our fun events we do around the CrossFit Open! Can’t wait!!

Arizona Spartan Race February 25th-26th, 2023

We will put together another race group for this weekend! Take advantage of our Spartan classes to prepare for these fun races!!

The Preferred Experience Podcast

Did you know that CrossFit Preferred has a podcast! It is available on any of your favorite podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and many more!

Listen to our latest episode:

Listen on any your favorite podcast platforms!

Welcome New Members for NovemberAlex Edge
Chandler Schroer
Aja Eyre

Birthdays & Member’s Anniversaries

Mouna Nuchimanianda   December 3rd

Ben Hunter  December 6th

KJ Russell   December 9th

Maria Spritzer   December 16th

Meghan Niemira  December 17th

Phil Panipinto   December 17th

Ameen Al-Marayati  December 20th

Jimbo Young   December 22nd

JP Motley  December 23rd

Ashley Gordon   December 25th

Yliana De Leon    December 27th

Christine Rosso  December 28th

Karen Causseaux   December 29th

Brandon Butterfield    December 29th

Bret Woodard  December 29th

Mackenzie Breihan December 31st

5 Years!
Kayla Peralta-Markovich

4 Years!
Blaine Moore

3 Years!
Max Panas

2 Years!
Seth Troutt

1 Year!
Ameen Al-Marayati