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CFP Happenings April 2023

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  1. Athlete of the Month – Baron Bruce!
  2. Committed Club Winner for 1st Quarter & March 2023!
  3. CrossFit Preferred Calendar of Events!
  4. The Preferred Experience Podcast
  5. Welcome New Members
  6. Birthdays & Member Anniversaries

Athlete of the Month!


Our member spotlight this month is Baron Bruce! 👏🏻
Ever since Baron’s first class he has immediately left an impression with his hard work, incredible attitude, and friendly nature. Quickly Baron has become a part of our CFP family and we love having him at our gym. We asked him a few questions about his experience with Crossfit and his life outside of these walls. Check out what he had to say:


Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit and what made you have a desire to start?
I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 5 years, I started after playing college football. It’s a good way to lift heavy and get some cardio in.
Q: What is one unique thing we might not know about you?
One unique thing about me is that I love to surf, whether it’s behind a boat, or in the ocean!


Q: What has been the biggest change you have noticed since starting CrossFit?


Mental health clarity comes in big time when you get to workout hard in a gym multiple times a week surrounded by friends. That’s always been a big change for me when I stop working out for a few months then start back up.


Q: How has CrossFit helped you in other areas of your life?


Crossfit helps me be fit and able to keep busy outside of the gym with sports, boats, biking and many more!


Q: What advice would you give someone who might be interested in starting a fitness and nutrition routine?


Just start, don’t be intimidated. There’s millions of options to fit your needs, just get out there and start.


When you see Baron please be sure to introduce yourself!

Committed Club Winner For 1st Quarter & March 2023 

The 1st Quarter Committed Club winner is Vadim Zaliznyak!


Vadim has won 1/2 months credit towards his membership! 

March 2023 Monthly Raffle Winner is Erika Purcell


Erika has won $50 worth of product credit to use in our retail area.

Your $50 retail credit will be applied in Wodify!

We love seeing all of you work towards attending at least 15 classes  or doing at home workouts in a month!

Learn more about the Committed Club

CrossFit Preferred Calendar of Events

Join us for our Memorial Day Murph!! 

With May right around the corner we are now entering Murph prep! You’ll start to see Murph prep workouts in our Thursday CrossFit classes and Saturday morning Spartan class. 😃💪🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻
We will be doing Murph on Memorial Day Monday 5/29 for our workout of the day.


1 Mile Run 
100 Pull Ups 
200 Push Ups 
300 Air Squats 

1 Mile Run 


For anyone that has not done this before we have a bunch of different options for you! 

Click the link below to order your shirt today! 😃 😃

Learn more about how to prepare for “Murph”


Did you know that CrossFit Preferred has a podcast! It is available on any of your favorite podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and many more!

Listen to one our many episodes:




Listen on any your favorite podcast platforms!

Welcome New Members for March

Candace  Mott Grant Passman
Rochelle List

Birthdays & Member’s Anniversaries

Skyler Doggett  April 3rd

Shannon Middleton  April 9th 

Elizabeth Skepnek  April 11th

Dallyn Fowler  April 13th

Michael Maller  April 14th

Sean Toolson    April 16th 

Roger Leipf  April 17th 

Katelyn Crane  April 21

8 Years!
Juli Dahl-James 
Shanda Adams

4 Years!
Carolyn MacDonald

3 Years!
Kimberly Panipinto

2 Years!
Ylianna De Leon 
Dusty Ferrarese
Eli AbiSaad
Elizabeth Skepnek 
Chris Dawson 
Skyler Doggett

1 Year!
Matt Olson