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CrossFit Preferred’s world-class coaches train elite athletes, first-timers, SEALFIT Kokoro Campers, stay-at-home parents, grandparents, and so much more. Whoever you are, whatever shape you’re in, these are the folks that are going to push you past your limits ... and you’re going to love them for it. No big egos here, just regular folks like you who are tired of making excuses and ready to make changes.
  • Kris LeSueur

    Owner and Coach

    Owner and Coach Kris LeSueur believes that fitness is a great building block for helping people improve their lives. “I love how health and fitness help people feel better about themselves,” he says. “I love the confidence it builds for each individual person.”

    Kris has spent a lot of years training for marathons, adventure racing, and triathlons. His most notable athletic accomplishment was finishing SEALFIT Kokoro Camp, a 50+ hour (no sleep allowed!) event based on Navy SEAL Hell Week training. He’s completed two full-distance Ironman Triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run), multiple half-Ironmans, qualified for Xterra Triathlon Nationals and completed multiple adventure races and marathons. “I love anything endurance related,” he says. “When you start to think about quitting and you do not in these type of events, you really discover who you are in life.”


    • CrossFit Level One Trainer
    • CrossFit Endurance Trainer
  • Tiersa LeSueur


    Owner/Coach/Nutritionist Tiersa LeSueur helps athletes master great nutrition to help them reach their fitness goals. To Tiersa, being the best at what she’s doing is a lifelong character trait. “I LOVE pushing my limits and seeing how far my body will go,” she says.

    Tiersa believes there is no greater feeling than helping someone see what they are truly capable of. “Being a CrossFit Coach allows me to take someone who may feel insecure and build them from the bottom up to teach them to be confident with their abilities,” she says. “When they see in themselves that growth, it lights a fire within them that is unstoppable!”


    • CrossFit Level 1
  • Audree Lawrence


    Head Coach Audree Lawrence is on a mission to live her life with purpose! She’s spent her whole life doing adventure sports like skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and biking. Being a CrossFit coach was the perfect blend of her passion for sports and her teaching background.

    When she’s not coaching or hanging out with her husband and three kids, you’ll find her competing. Her list of accomplishments includes three Boston Marathon qualifying times, first place at the 2011 Gilbert Move Your Phi’t 5K, 1st place in her division in the 2009 Utah’s Toughest 10k and the 2011 Utah Handcart Days Half Marathon, 1st place at IAC Series 2014 Women’s RX division as well as 1st place finishes in master’s weightlifting at the Flagstaff Open 2015.


    • CrossFit Level 1 Certified
    • CrossFit Level 2 Certified
    • B.S. in Education
  • Brett Baker


    Coach Brett Baker loves when his members have a willing attitude toward CrossFit and are willing to trust the process. “Those are the people who reap the best results and fall in love with CrossFit just as I did,” he says.

    Brett played football and basketball in high school and has competed in endurance events like Ironman, marathons and ultra-marathons. He came to CrossFit after realizing all his years of trail running and triathlon training had given him endurance, but not strength. As a coach, “I hope to lead and inspire as many people as I can,” he says. Brett is also a U.S. Army veteran that served in the Iraq War.


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • Patrick Harris


    Coach Patrick Harris specializes in “Not specializing: CrossFit is about constant variance and being prepared for any fitness task,” he says. Patrick believes the mind is a very powerful tool, and the best way to see success is by pushing past mental barriers. “Your body is capable of so much more than you believe,” he says. “You just need to train your mind to believe so.”

    After playing college football for two years, Patrick couldn’t find a fitness regimen that pushed him to his limits or gave him the chance for any friendly competition … until he found CrossFit. “After my first WOD, I was hooked and knew that CrossFit would be part of my fitness journey for the rest of my life.”


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Coach Mike

    Olympic Lifting

    Olympic Lifting Coach Mike loves to lift. Mike started weightlifting when he was 14 and won several local meets at the 77 kg weight class. He also qualified for the 2015 American Open.

    Mike started out as an athlete at CrossFit Preferred, and he discovered that he loved helping people improve their lifts. So CrossFit preferred added an Olympic Weightlifting Class with Mike as coach. Mike lives by his favorite quote: “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.”


    • 2012
  • Tara Roberts


    Coach Tara Roberts is an avid middle-distance runner who has completed multiple marathons and half marathons for the last eight years. Helping members achieve their goals and push themselves to try new things is what she’s all about. When Tara isn’t at the gym, you can find her hanging out with her friends and family. Tara’s favorite quote is “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”


    • CrossFit Level 1
  • Rob Flunker


    Coach Rob Flunker is passionate about the fitness training process. He works hard to constantly improve not only his own fitness technique but other athletes’ as well. When not in the gym, Rob loves to travel and explore different countries and cultures.

    Rob joined the CrossFit community in April of 2012 and after spending years understanding movement for himself he decided to share his knowledge by getting certified and becoming a coach. His motto and favorite quote is “When you feel like you want to quit remember we all do- and don’t”.


    • CrossFit Level 1
  • Shanna Duvall

    Coach/Doctor of Chiropractic

    Shanna Duvall has been a CrossFitter for a decade and specializes in working with senior populations and individuals with current or history of chronic injury. “I’m passionate about people discovering a love with fitness through remembering to play again,” she says. Shanna loves being part of the fitness community and seeing the individuals discover their own abilities extend beyond their wildest imaginations from what they could have believed possible on their first day. “I want people of all ages to be able to enjoy living an active life that results in a high quality of life even in our golden years; essentially, to keep people active, vital and out of the nursing home!”

    Prior to CrossFit, Shanna was an endurance athlete, and ran cross-country and track (10/5k) for Kent State University from 2000-2004. “Post college, I dabbled in half marathons, triathlons with one Half Ironman and one marathon,” she says. “My first CrossFit competitive experience was the 2009 Regionals—back in the day when you simply signed up and showed up—and I’m honored to say that I’ve had the opportunity to compete at the Regional level every year since (seven years as an individual and two years on team).” In 2015, she reached her goal of competing at the CrossFit Games as part of the team from OPEX.

    Shanna discovered CrossFit while in chiropractic college. “In short time, I found myself at the gym morning, noon and night—coaching and training between classes and clinic rotations,” she says. “It was obvious what pulled me out of bed in the morning and where I loved spending my time. Following her heart has paid off in every way possible.


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Level 2
    • CrossFit Endurance
    • CrossFit Strongman
    • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Jessica Dixon


    Coach Jessica Dixon has been CrossFitting for an incredible nine years. “I believe in people striving to live holistically – mind, body, and spirit – and have seen first-hand how just one of those can throw us off balance completely,” she says.

    Jessica joined CrossFit after having her second child to work off the post-baby weight. “I love a challenge and competition, so I got very involved in CrossFit and started competing in CrossFit competitions.” She went got her Level 1 so she could help more people in her community.

    She has been an RN for 10 years and is currently working on her master’s degree to become a family nurse practitioner. Her favorite quote is “Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who YOU are.” – Mother Teresa


    • CrossFit Level 1
  • Ashley Spangler

    Coach/Personal Trainer

    Ashley Spangler started her career as a certified personal trainer when she was just 19. After in home training for a while, she decided she wanted to continue her fitness education and CrossFit seemed like the place to go. Originally, Ashley found CrossFit just after she graduated from her high school where she played soccer and ran track and field, winning state championships in both. A friend had asked her to attend one of his CrossFit classes and from there on out, Ashley was hooked.

    Ashley loves, in her own words, “being able to witness people reaching their goals and finding out that they can do things they didn’t think possible. I love coaching and teaching people to push themselves to their best ability and seeing them succeed.” With a positive personality and an uplifting spirit, Ashley strives to help others see the greatness within them. She says, “When someone comes to me with goals and the dedication to meet those goals, I make them my goals too. I love seeing people succeed and bringing out the best in themselves.” One of Ashley’s favorite quotes is, “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” But with Ashley there are no excuses, just a positive attitude and a drive to be the best.


    • NFPT Trainer
    • CrossFit Level 1
    • BS in Psychology - Arizona State University
    • BA Sociology - Arizona State University
  • Brie Krause


    Coach Brie Krause loves seeing athletes accomplish what they thought they couldn’t do. Helping her members achieve those goals they previously thought impossible is something that brings her a lot of self-satisfaction, along with being able to motivate others to get healthy and fit. Coach Brie has been doing CrossFit for 4 years now, but she was no stranger to athletics before she began her journey, she says, “I played basketball all my life and loved the camaraderie but found it hard to find in other forms of fitness after high school. Once I found CrossFit I knew I would be hooked for life!”

    Brie is also very interested in making sure that everyone knows just how important it is to find a good balance in your life and being mindful of everything else around you. She always encourages all her members to live a better lifestyle through food and fitness but it’s her attention to each individual student that makes her truly special. She says, “I love starting every class knowing each athlete has shown up because they want to improve their health and fitness.” And soon, with Coach Brie by your side, you too will be caught up in all the camaraderie and good health CrossFit has to offer.


    • CrossFit Level 1


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