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A CrossFit Buddy is the way to go

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The hardest part of working out for most people is staying motivated.  Another issue is not getting stuck in a rut, or holding yourself accountable for actually committing the time to your fitness goals.  Sometimes life can get crazy and we find ourselves missing the gym from time to time.
The solution? A gym buddy!  Having a friend who you work out with is a huge advantage and can compound your fitness success!  Not only can your gym buddy help protect you from injury by being a good spotter, but they can encourage you to squeeze out those extra reps.  When you have a gym date with your gym buddy, its much less likely that you will skip a workout.
Now we have that out of the way we can talk about the best part of having a gym buddy, it makes working out more fun.  When you battle the weights with someone and push yourselves to the limit together you develop an incredible comradery. CrossFit is a group training environment, so if you don’t have a friend who would make a good gym buddy, you will certainly meet one after a few workouts at CrossFit Preferred.
We understand a good gym buddy is the key to success for some and because of that we have launched our Refer a Friend program.  If you refer someone to our gym BOTH of you will get a entire month for free.  Let us know if you know somebody!