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4 Ways to Fuel for Performance

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Episode 106 of The Preferred Experience Podcast!

Nutrition Talk Replay for January 2022!

This month’s talk is going to help you fuel your body for The CrossFit Open! The CrossFit Open is a worldwide three week event/competition within CrossFit gyms with 1 workout being released each week.

These workouts are for all CrossFit athletes whether you just started CrossFit or you’ve been doing CrossFit for years.

These workouts can be a little bit more intense than our usual workouts so we want to make sure everyone is fueling properly going into the Open season!

We will cover tips on how to fuel your body before a workout as well as what it might look like post workout for recovery.

Some things we will cover:

•How to fuel your body the day before
•What to eat depending on what time of day you’ll be doing the workout
•What to eat after the workout.
•How to stay hydrated best for the workouts

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