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123. Michael Tolley – June 2022 Athlete of the Month

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Today’s member spotlight goes out to Tolley! You’ve probably seen Tolley in either the 6am or 4pm class. Unfortunately this spotlight post is a farewell post. Tolley and his girlfriend are in the process of moving to Michigan. He’ll still be in the gym for a couple more weeks so make sure to give him your goodbyes and well wishes when you see him!

Tolley had been doing CrossFit for 2 years when he joined CFP. He had been watching it on TV for a while before he started doing the workouts. Being in gymnastics, wrestling and weightlifting as a child and teenager, he was attracted to all of the movements and lifts that CrossFit incorporates.

Since joining CrossFit the biggest change Tolley has noticed is the family community we have at CFP and how it helps hold him accountable. He says, “the community here is full of go-getters and achievers, so I think some of their energy has rubbed off on me and I have been improving in all areas of my life since being around the Preferred family.”

To get to know Tolley better we asked him to tell us one unique fact about him. He says, “I really don’t like my tattoos and would have them all removed if that was practical.” We asked Tolley what advice he would give someone who is looking to start their fitness journey. This is what he said, “ JUST FREAKING DO IT! If you are thinking about starting a healthier lifestyle your subconscious is screaming at you telling yourself some changes need to happen. And who doesn’t want to operate on a higher level?”

Tolley we have loved having you a part of our gym and community! We wish you and Sara luck in your new start and new home. When you’re in our area don’t forget to drop in and workout with us!

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