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122. Sugar & Sweets Nutrition Talk Replay Sponsored by Perspire Sauna Studio

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Did you know the average American eats (or drinks) over 500 calories of sugar in a day… that is about 36 teaspoons!
In this months FREE Nutrition talk we talked about the affects of sugar on your health, where sugar is hiding, and 3 tips to stay more mindful.

⁃ Tip #1: Use Sugar Alternatives
⁃ Tip #2: Never Eat Carbs Alone  
⁃ Tip #3: Be Mindful of Your Portions  

If you are looking for added support in how to navigate the sugar overload in your diet WE CAN HELP!

This months nutrition talk was sponsored by Perspire Sauna Studio! It was so fun to discuss and learn about the benefits of Infrared Sauna! Thanks for joining us Steve and Dodie Bell!
Click the link to book a FREE nutrition consult with us TODAY!  

You can also listen to this on any of your favorite podcast platforms at The Preferred Experience Podcast!