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117. Cindy Phillips – April 2022 Athlete of the Month!

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Cindy has been training at CrossFit Preferred since 2014 and is continually improving her health and fitness! 🏃‍♀️

She shared after recording this episode that at the age of 51 she is in the best shape of her life and can’t imagine not having CrossFit Preferred in her life 😁 

Not only have the workouts helped her but nutrition coaching and nutrition challenges have helped her to get in her best shape. 💪👍

She is so fun to train with and a great friend to all around her! She loves that she can come to the gym and get trained by our coaches. She said it is like affordable personal training and loves the attention, coaching and push she gets from each coach. She also loves the push from other athletes and the community we have at CrossFit Preferred❤️

Cindy we love your drive and love seeing you continue to make gains and learn new skills! Her most recent skill she learned is how to do a muscle up!! Coach Andy worked with her and helped her to achieve this huge accomplishment! 

Click the link  bio to get started on the best hour of your day! Today! 💦