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116. CFP Rowing Technique Workshop

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We have a rowing technique workshop coming up Saturday April 23rd or Saturday April 30th at 10:00am! 

Each workshop is capped at 22 people. Sign up to get your spot! As member of CrossFit Preferred this workshop is included in your membership! 

Rowing is a full body workout! Using a rowing machine, such as the Concept 2 rower, provides both aerobic exercise and strength training. Rowing strengthens the core, upper back, shoulders, arms, glutes, and legs.

In this episode we go over common flaws in rowing. We go over what you will learn at this workshop and who this workshop is for! 

The Black Level Row has been a tough test and has stopped people from passing. Is it the cardio stopping them or their technique? 

It’s time to make rowing something you look forward to rather than dread! 🚣🏻

Sign up TODAY!🚣🏻

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