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114. The Right Mindset to Achieve Your Goals

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Have you ever been doing really well with your nutrition until one busy day goes by and you end up forgetting your lunch which turns into snacking on more foods that pull you further from your goal? Have you let that one day turn into a week?

What if I told you that your mindset may be holding you back from losing that weight or whatever goal you have in mind? 

This months Nutrition Talk Tiersa and Meghan cover 3 easy steps to finding the right mindset to achieve your goals.

Step 1- Establish your WHY

Step 2- Goal Setting

Step 3 – Remember the 3 R’s. Reframe, Refocus, Recover!

To learn more about the importance of our mindset as well as the details of these 3 easy steps, be sure to listen to this months Nutrition Talk and book a FREE nutrition consult TODAY!

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