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112. Our Current Training Cycle at CFP!

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At CrossFit Preferred we train with CompTrain training! We train in 13 week cycles and have a different focus each cycle. If you focus and do your best with this training you will improve from where you are currently at! 

Our first cycle for this year was “Build”. It was more of a stamina based lifting, gymnastics and cardio based workouts. The cycle we are on now in that started February 21st is “Burn”.  This cycle goes until May 21st. Like it suggests it is going to BURN 😁 and we are going to do a ton of conditioning and improve our intensity! The CrossFit Open was a part of this cycle and it was so fun to see everyone giving it their all and doing their best! Congratulations to everyone that participated, did their best and really pushed themselves on these workouts! 

Here is what you can expect: 

We will have Barbell Cycling. The theme for this is variance. We will have pulling, pressing and squatting movements. They will alternate each week. 

Pulling goes from deadlift to power clean to power snatch. 

Pressing is bench press, push press, push jerk. 

Squatting is front squat, back squat and overhead squat. 

We will be building to heavies with sets of 10’s, 5’s, 3’s and 1’s. Then we will back off and do some drop sets. 

We have Olympic weight lifting: We will be working complexes, triples and doubles and ladders. We will progress as we move through this cycle. We also have Thursdays classes dedicated to improving our Olympic Lifts! 

We have Gymnastics: We will be cycling small to medium sets of toes to bar, pull ups etc. 

Our Metcons will have some benchmark workouts including the Bergeron Beep Test that we did today, Napalm, Barbara, Macho Man V2 and Grace! 

If conditioning is huge priority for you join us on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm and Thursday mornings at the Williams Field High School Track. This week and next is at 5:30am because of Spring Break then we will be back to 5:15am! We focus on running, rowing and biking in these two classes each week! 

Our Spartan Training/OCR Classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday will also improve your conditioning and are awesome training! 

We will also have accessory conditioning including: dead hangs, farmer carry’s and many other creative ideas! 😎

Make time to do some Focus Work: This is a chose your own adventure. Focus on an area that you want to improve. We will work on these in class but ask a coach for help with any area that you want to improve! 

Click the link to get started on the best hour of your day! Today! 💦


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