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107. Ryan Smart – February 2022 Athlete of the Month!

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Ryan has some big plans for 2022 and is working hard to get them accomplished! 

In today’s episode we discuss all he is working towards and he wants as many people to join him with his challenges he has coming up.

Come out and join him for the Bear Crawl Mile on March 24th, the Marathon Row April 23rd and 1,000 burpees for time April 30th! You can work up to each of these challenges or come support and do what challenges you! 

I addition to these challenges he will be doing some big races including a 50 miler  in May and a 100 miler in October! He is also doing the CrossFit Open/Friday Night Lights at CrossFit Preferred starting February 25th! (Join a Team Today! Today is the last day to sign up on a team and get a shirt!) 

Ryan it is so fun getting to know you and working out with you!

Keep up the incredible work and have a great race this weekend! 

Click the link to get started on the best hour of your day! Today! 💦