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103. Ditch the All or Nothing Mindset

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Most of us want to tone up, get fit, build muscle, or reach some other health related goal. The problem is we live in a microwave society where we are expecting instant results.

But the truth is that it takes time to make your changes sustainable. You need to create healthy habits which will be woven into your lifestyle after consistently achieving them over a period of time.

Research backs the concept of focusing on one thing at a time- let’s talk numbers:

  • Changing 1 habit at a time= 80% success in retaining the habit for a year or more
  • Working on 2 habits at a time= decreases to less than 35% success
  • 3 habits= less than 5% success

This is why you need to focus one thing at a time to set yourself up for success. It didn’t take you 2 weeks to get where you are and it won’t take 2 weeks to get where you want to be.

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103. Ditch the All or Nothing Mindset

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