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096. The Perfect Time is Now

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So many people wait for the beginning of the new year this time of year to get back in shape. 

Why wait? The Perfect time is now! 

What can you do now to get started?

  • Come up with a plan and stick to it
  • If you have not been doing anything choose a time to work movement into your day. Does it have to be CrossFit? No! I recommend people go on a walk if they are starting from ground zero. Establish a time to get movement done. Momentum happens when movement starts! 
  • Choose a goal you want to accomplish write it down and share with others.
  • Focus on Nutrition. An easy fix to help you this time of year is to focus on water, some fruit and more vegetables. It will help you to feel more full and less likely to grab the unplanned snacks that are in our face this time of year. 

Remember it does not take a miracle it takes a plan! 

We can help you come up with that plan at CrossFit Preferred. 

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