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093. Grand Canyon Thoughts – A Team Makes a Difference

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Since last October I have hiked/trail run the Grand Canyon 4 times. 3 of the times were Rim to Rim to Rim (48 Miles) and one of the times was with our CrossFit Preferred group (17 Miles)! 

There are times a team can help you and there are times you get to help the team!

Are you at a time in your life that a team can help you or can you help the team?

I have found at the gym that this can change daily depending on the workout and your frame of mind. 

Our friends we get to make and workout with at the gym make a huge difference. Not only do they help in the gym but they can help out of the gym. 


A team makes a difference! 

If you or a friend is looking for a team come in for a free intro session! 

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