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079. Family Nutrition Made Easy

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This week for episode 79 we have a replay of Tiersa and Meghan’s Nutrition talk on family nutrition made easy.

We are going into another school year, which means school lunches and snacks but also busy after school schedules.

We’ll help you navigate kids snacks and lunch with sugar intake. How to get your kids to eat more veggies plus different ways to help you meal prep while you’re busy running everyone around so you can still get a healthy dinner on the table.

Owner/Coach/Nutritionist Tiersa LeSueur helps athletes master great nutrition to help them reach their fitness goals. To Tiersa, being the best at what she’s doing is a lifelong character trait. “I LOVE pushing my limits and seeing how far my body will go,” she says.

Tiersa believes there is no greater feeling than helping someone see what they are truly capable of. “Being a CrossFit Coach allows me to take someone who may feel insecure and build them from the bottom up to teach them to be confident with their abilities,” she says. “When they see in themselves that growth, it lights a fire within them that is unstoppable!”


CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
Arizona State University Nutrition/Dietetics Degree

Meghan lives for helping clients hit their goals and feel more comfortable in their bodies. With her extensive nutrition and food knowledge from growing up in restaurant kitchens, Meghan can help you lose weight and gain muscle whether you are vegan, fat adaptive, or just need to clean up your eating habits.

She has been CrossFitting for over 6 years and loves Strongman competitions. Ask her how she did in her competition from a couple of years back. She always has a bright smile for you as you enter the gym, loves the CFP community, and loves watching the confidence that builds when members hit their goals.


Precision Nutrition L1