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071. Focus On Longevity & Committed Club Drawing

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Do you skip out on stretching and recovery? ? If so join us this month with a focus on longevity. 

Our challenge for everyone this month is to focus on mobility and recovery with daily stretching. 

There is a great app called GoWOD that Kris, Tiersa  and other athletes at the gym use. It designs a daily plan for you based off your level of flexibility.  

Comment below with what you do to stay flexible and mobile! 

You can also listen to this podcast on any of your favorite podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts 🍏 Spotify and many more! 

Click the link below to get started on the best hour of your day! Today!…​​

Owner and Coach Kris LeSueur believes that fitness is a great building block for helping people improve their lives. “I love how health and fitness help people feel better about themselves,” he says. “I love the confidence it builds for each individual person.” Kris has spent a lot of years training for marathons, adventure racing, and triathlons. 

His most notable athletic accomplishment was finishing SEALFIT Kokoro Camp, a 50+ hour (no sleep allowed!) event based on Navy SEAL Hell Week training. He’s completed two full-distance Ironman Triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run), multiple half-Ironmans, qualified for Xterra Triathlon Nationals and completed multiple adventure races and marathons. “I love anything endurance related,” he says. “When you start to think about quitting and you do not in these type of events, you really discover who you are in life.”


CrossFit Level One Trainer 

CrossFit Level Two Trainer 

CrossFit Endurance Trainer