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070. ReThink Your Drink

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How many grams of hidden sugar are in the drinks you’re drinking?

Tiersa and Meghan teach you how to identify high calorie drinks, how to look for sugar on a food label and gave alternatives to lower sugar drinks and ways to increase your water intake.

You don’t want to miss this informative Nutrition Talk!

Tiersa LeSueur


Tiersa LeSueur helps athletes master great nutrition to help them reach their fitness goals. To Tiersa, being the best at what she’s doing is a lifelong character trait. “I LOVE pushing my limits and seeing how far my body will go,” she says. Tiersa believes there is no greater feeling than helping someone see what they are truly capable of. “Being a CrossFit Coach allows me to take someone who may feel insecure and build them from the bottom up to teach them to be confident with their abilities,” she says. “When they see in themselves that growth, it lights a fire within them that is unstoppable!”

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
Arizona State University Nutrition/Dietetics Degree

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