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066. Athlete of the Month – Jared Christensen!

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Today we are excited to announce our Athlete of the Month – Jared Christensen! 

Jared joined us last year during the first gym shutdown and quickly fell in love with CrossFit! He has excelled during his time at CrossFit Preferred and has now lost over 7% body fat working with Tiersa in our CFP nutrition program and feels like he is in the best shape of his life in years! 

At age 42 his fitness and health are continuing to improve and CrossFit is helping him to be his best he can be in and out of the gym and for his wife and kids! 

If you have not met Jared you are truly missing out! He brings a ton of energy to the gym and is a blast to workout with! Jared thanks for being a huge part of CrossFit Preferred! 

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